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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 155

Let’s talk about A Certain Scientific Railgun T

Quite frankly things are heating up! We’ve reached the climax of Railgun’s Daihasei Arc, the evil plan has unfolded, the sides are set and the stakes are high!
Can Academy City be saved!

Well we all know it will because Index II and Index III take place after Railgun S……..cough

But the real fun is the impromptu teamup of Sogiita Gunha and Touma!
That’s right the Seventh Level 5 and our Level 0 hero have formed a tag team for this fight and the chemistry is great! Gunha is a very 90’s style shounen protagonist, whereas Touma with his origin in 2004 is very much the epitome of 2000’s style protagonists.
Having them side by side really shows how things have changed even though it’s been fifteen years since then!
Of course we all know the 2010’s style protagonists are your OP lone wolf types.

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