Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 148

Heyy guys, so a discovery has been made that some Kengo’s and Kensei’s had been mistranslated as the opposite since Snoring Dragon took over.
Now quite frankly I don’t want to go back through each chapter and work out which ones are which…
But if you happen to spot an obvious mistake in any chapter leading up to this (or after, but we’ll try to catch those in advance) then just flag it in the comments and we’ll set it straight.

I’ve been relatively civil in these posts but editing has become a chore since the switch, so hopefully things improve in the future.
I feel bad for saying that though, I know every translator has to start somewhere.

This is also technically the April Fool’s release depending on where you are in the world and I was planning on writing a short story as a bonus chapter, where Lily accidentally spreads a modern illness to the other world and they end up getting locked away for a month. But apparently there are snowflakes on the internet that wouldn’t like that and as a result I was advised not to.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 51 «

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