Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 146

So I just got reminded of that time years ago when World of Warcraft accidentally had an in-game plague due to an infectious raid debuff.
I like to think that the research done on that is being used in modelling Covid now.

Quite the story there though.
The debuff was for an instance only and was removed when you left, but it spread to every entity, player or npc. Which meant that pets and familiars could also be debuffed and they weren’t checked when you left the instance.
So they turned into carriers that brought the debuff out of the instance and infected players and npcs in the persistent world.
It turned into a huge deal with groups of high level players attempting to quarantine the starter zones and people resorting to terrorism to spread it to as many people as possible.

The ending was a bit of a let down. They just rolled back the servers.
I know they were probably more worried about resolution speed than anything else, but a cure event would have been pretty cool.

Editing is a little rough this chapter…I got about two hours sleep for various reasons.
(Quarantine seems to be getting to my other family members)

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