Not Sure, Another World Chapter 48

Do Fate/Grand Order just dropped the first Lostbelt chapter a little in advance because of all the Corona stuff.
I am both happy and annoyed at how sudden it was! I was expecting some warning! But I am happy to play it.
The annoying part is that I am super busy this weekend thanks to editing and other things I need to get done.
Oh man you should have seen my face when I saw the Cosmos in the Lostbelt chapter screen!

I still haven’t even had time to play the Stellaris Federations DLC properly! Though on the upside that gives the mods I use a chance to update.
The game just wouldn’t feel the same without the infinite lore and roleplay popup mods I use.
(I play Stellaris to watch a story unfold, not to get a convincing strategy game experience).

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