Chapter 48 – I Really Want Eggs and Milk

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1784 words

 Lunch is now over. The three of them were unlikely to be moving about anytime soon. So I decided to leave them alone since their responses were rather slow.

 Since it was already past noon, I didn’t have any motivation to go gathering.

 That aside, I did manage to obtain a lot of skills during my travels to and from the village in the south. I could see the effects of the skills by opening my status and using Appraisal, but I still didn’t understand how I had obtained those skills. As such, I went to the guild reference room to investigate a little.

 And I conducted various tests.

 First up were Golem Generation, Golem Control, and Automata Creation. But I was still stuck on how to create the automata dolls, so I was a bit troubled.
 Although, I think I know the reason. It was probably due to my lack of prerequisite skills.

 To begin with, Automata Creation was an upgraded variant of Golem Generation, and it seems that Golem Generation was from Alchemy if I traced its source. On a side note, the Compounding skill that I used to make potions was also from Alchemy. But as for Alchemy, I don’t really remember how I obtained that skill. Hmm…..this was troubling.

 I think it might have been from using Creation Magic, so I believe it was something like gaining skills that were similar to each other. However, because of that, it led to me not having enough prerequisite skills. Creation Magic had both its pros and cons. The MP consumption was high. For now, I guess I should just place the Alchemy related stuff on hold.

 Next up would be the Muscle Control skill.

 This was an upgraded version of the Muscle Enhancement skill. Muscle Enhancement was a skill that prevented loss of strength when being incapacitated due to injury or illness, it also made one less likely to get sick. As for the upgraded version Muscle Control, it seems that the boosts are further enhanced. It was also said that it was easier to obtain skills that were related to the body. In other words, I guess it would be skills related to physical movement? Something like that? I checked the skill effects using Appraisal, so I already more or less knew beforehand, but I just wanted to confirm it.

 The skills were obtained through physical training, so it would be easier to obtain them if a person did physical training and the skills would also improve through more physical training.

 However, I learned it during my daily routine……never mind, I’m not going to say anything more……

 And there was one more.

[Power Increase: Mana] It was a skill that I obtained after defeating the ogre lord. It was a powerful skill that would increase STR/VIT/AGI when used. However, it would continue to consume MP when using the skill which made it also bad at the same time.

 After some experimenting, the results were…. I didn’t know how I had obtained this skill. If I had to guess, it was likely from my skill which allowed me to improve my vision through using mana.

 Additionally, aside from my Power Increase skill that used mana, there seems to also be a type that increases power using fighting spirit. You could learn both, but there weren’t many adventurers who have done that.

 Additionally, fighting spirit was essential for warriors that used sword skills like slashing attacks, or wide area damaging attacks. It was essentially like warrior versions of magic attacks that would appear in manga. Magic would consume MP, but fighting spirit would consume HP. Additionally, if either too much HP or MP was used and it reached 0, you would die.

 As such, there were the issues of managing the consumption rate, but it seems there were skills that helped with this. There were different skills for both mana and fighting spirit, but the materials didn’t list what the names were. Hmm.

 In the end, I still didn’t find out much about Muscle Control and Muscle Enhancement, and I left the reference room with a slightly complicated mood. It was still earlier in the day. What should I do next?

 I suppose I could go to Nicole’s shop to restock on the rice that was just consumed.

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“Well now, if it isn’t Ren, hello indeed. Are you here for more rice?”
“Yes, please.”

 Whenever I went to Nicole’s shop, I would always buy rice, so that became the common reaction upon seeing me. Or rather, I only go when I need to buy rice.

“Ah, please give me flour today too.”
“Flour is it? Lloyd, some flour please. ”

 When I traveled to the village in the south, I used up all my flour, so I needed to restock on it. I bought both in large bulk. Normally, one would feel suspicious regarding the storage of everything, but this was Nicole. He already knew various things about me so he didn’t question it.

“Speaking of which, I didn’t see you recently, did you travel somewhere?”
“Yes, I went to a village in the south.”
“I see, the southern village, if you had told me we could have gone together.”

 But that would prevent me from moving as I please. As such, I hadn’t said anything to Nicole and just headed out.

“I could make a lot of money if I carried sea fish, but unfortunately I can’t use water magic.”
“At this distance, I think you should be able to transport a bit?”
“I can transport a bit in the winter, but not during the summer. But in winter it’s also difficult to transport them if it snows.”
“Ah, I see.”

 As expected, it seems it was quite difficult to come across sea fish in the inland towns.

 I sometimes saw salted fish at the market, but it doesn’t really taste as good. Regardless, there were only preserved fish……I also knew how to make dried fish, but I didn’t have any obligation to teach anyone. Rather, I had the feeling it would just cause another kind of uproar.

“Hm? Is this buckwheat flour?”

 As I was looking through the products while talking casually, I noticed a fragrant scent that seemed familiar. This was definitely buckwheat flour, right?

“So you know about it? Yes, this is buckwheat flour. You can knead it using water, bake it, and then eat it.”
“……Can I have some of this too?”
“Of course, is this much enough?”

 Buckwheat flour! I can eat soba with this! I could make galette too……ah, that’s right.

“Speaking of which, I wanted to ask you something.”
“What is it?”
“Where can I buy eggs and milk?”
“Eggs and milk?”
“Yes, I would like to use them for cooking……”

 That’s right, eggs and milk. Without these, the range of what could be made was completely different. For both cooking and making sweets.

“I see……the eggs sold in this town are procured from a village located between here and the fief capital. They also raise chicken there. The village is around the northeastern side of the river.”

“However, the only way to buy eggs in this town is to buy them directly from the commercial guild. But it’s impossible to purchase from the guild unless you’re registered as a merchant, so it will be a bit difficult for Ren to purchase them from the guild……..I could buy them from the guild and sell it, but there’s a minimum price set for selling eggs, so I wouldn’t be able to sell them for very cheap.”

 After listening to the details a bit more, it seems the consumption of eggs in this town was basically dominated by the nobles, some merchants, and a very small portion of the more wealthy commoners. I guess it also would occasionally be stocked at the inn I was staying at when there was surplus? Additionally, the minimum price for the eggs was also set so the market for it wasn’t disturbed.

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 As such, since there were several villages raising chickens around the royal capital, the village between this town and the fief capital would usually just sell their eggs to the fief capital. Hmm….

“Is it possible to go to the village and buy from them directly?”
“Yes, depending on how you negotiate with them, I think so. However, it may be a bit difficult without registering as a merchant at the guild.”

 Hmm, but I might still be able to buy some, right?

“Next would be milk, but unfortunately it is impossible.”
“First, the only place that has them are villages around the the royal capital, but the cattle raised there are for commercial use only. Next, there would be the problem of transportation time. If you tried transporting it from the royal capital to here, it would become spoiled during the trip.”

 Right, of course~ Somehow, I already knew it would be like that.

“I’m not sure if you’re willing to use a substitute instead, but what about goat milk?”
“Goat milk…….”

 I drank it before in my previous life. But to be frank, the taste was quite strong, so I would rather not use it.

“I can’t use goat milk as I don’t really like the taste.”
“Ahh, there are some people like that. But even so, it would be difficult to procure it from the villages near the capital……oh, wait.”
“Do you have an idea?”
“Yes, if I recall there’s a village that also raises cattle just north of here…..they would sometimes come here to sell their products when it exceeded their village’s consumption level.”

 Towards the north. Should I go check it out?

“Um, do you mind if I ask you for the exact location?”
“I don’t mind if you’re the one asking, Ren. Let’s see, it was……”

 For merchants, their procurement sources were an important secret, so I was surprised that I was told. As such, let’s hurry up and escape before I get asked something weird as payment.

“Thank you very much, I suppose I’ll go check it out.”
“Ah, then should I come with you?”
“No, I don’t mean I’m going right now. I’m not sure when I’ll be going since I still have a lot of other matters to attend to…….that’s why-”

 I’ve already stored everything I’ve bought! Hurry up and escape!

 Now that I know the location of the village, the next trip will be there. When should I go? I probably already have enough money. Thanks to the great ogre lord.
 Ah, but before that, I guess I should show my face to the children first?


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