Not Sure, Another World Chapter 47

A lot has happened in a week huh.
Corona Virus debacle is reaching its final form.
The anime season changed over.
Silva got mad at a translator again.
My Dungeons and Dragons campaign has started its continuation.
Oh and my shed is being renovated into a private bar.
Also some stuff about other things…

I hope you all have some relaxation time!
Stay safe!

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2 thoughts on “Not Sure, Another World Chapter 47”

  1. Hoooo esperaba por esto!!!!!!.. gracias.

    Ley los raw hasta el 138, pero nada mejor que leerla traducida.

    Pregunta: hablando de capítulos el ultimo fue 138 en 2019/07.
    Sabes si esta en pausada?

    Espero que nada se te amontone!, por lo visto estas entretenido con muchas cosas.

    1. Legit have to get a Spanish translator to help me understand this, Google translate doesn’t help much.

      But yes, it would seem that the raw is on hiatus… The author probably focusing on the light novel or something? I mean, it happens a lot, author abruptly stopping the Web novel version when they get published as light novel…

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