Not Sure, Another World Chapter 42

This chapter is about Life, The Universe and Everything.
I joke of course.

That sort-of-weekly anime roundup time!
To be honest I can’t remember much of what happened this week. Maple was Maple. Babylonia was Bab-ERESHIKGAL IS SO FRILLING CUTE! Dendrogram was a let down. (Novels are better! Go read them!) Oh and some other anime I happened to watch yadayada.

What actually happened this weekend is I started playing Stellaris again after quitting because I didn’t like one of the updates. I still don’t like the updates. The ‘new’ planet mechanics are a nightmare and I don’t understand them at all, and the automated sector system drives me nuts because it, ironically, removed the one bit of automation I used the manual version of sectors for.
Like before you could plot out a sector and tell the AI to do its thing with it.
But now the AI plots out a sector and YOU have to do YOUR thing with it.
THAT’S BACKWARDS! I DON’T WANT THAT! Sure plotting was a bit time intensive especially in multiplayer but this half assed sort of removed-sort of kept design drags it down for me.
Also before I used to colonise random planets then release them as vassals, but if you do that with the new sector system then you don’t just release the planet but all the surrounding systems too! It takes a huge chunk out of your empire!
My main problem is still the ‘new’ planet mechanics. I just can’t wrap my head around district and building management with all the menus and submenus. The idea was that it was supposed to reduce the micromanaging but I feel like it’s done the opposite for me, because I don’t have any clue what’s going on with my planets I end up staring at the screen or building random junk I think is important. For this game after my expansion
stalled and I had to start building up instead of out I’ve been operating in the red for pretty much the entire time, because I just can’t figure out how resources synergise. The old planet style was nice for me since it was all very visual instead of text based, you could tell at a glance without reading like five dropdowns of population and district counts and blockers. Yeah dragging your pops around required time but way less time than this clustertruck! Argh.
I hate it, but I love the rest of the game, it’s just annoying that the planet mechanics are so integral you can’t overlook them.

Anyway rant over.

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