Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 9

One more chapter coming tomorrow and we’ll pit Transcendent against Saintess! Who will come out on top! It’s anyone’s game! Choose wisely cause it’ll cost both you and me a lot of time to flick through (and translate) a novel that nobody wants to read. Knight and Elf was a good example, we had a voting session and it came out on top, but nobody wants to read it now. We don’t want that to happen again do we? Do take into consideration of the novel’s future prospect before you vote.

On a side note, the progression of this novel is VERY slow, you’ve been warned. It has been validated by someone who reads the raw; that even after 70+ chapters, it’s still day one in the game.
And you could probably tell from what you’ve read so far, but even after 8 chapters, he’s still in the “white” space.

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6 thoughts on “Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 9”

  1. I still read gentleman and elf, I know that history is not the best but somehow it is relaxing. Although I still hope that the story has progress in terms of the characters and their relationships.

  2. I hate to say this while Saintess (still not a word) is funnier at the moment it’s already starting to run the gag into the ground. While Transcendent started poorly, it looks like it may have more potential.

    I don’t know how you go about the process of translating these or which languages you are conversant in but reading ahead and seeing which one holds up might be a better way to decide.

    BTW what lost to knight and elf ? It could have just been a case where nobody would have liked that either.

    1. Well, every translator has their own reason to translate. As for me, I translate because I want to read more of what I like and share them with the world.

      I lose motivation to translate something I’ve already read so I prefer not to read ahead.

  3. Knight and Elf was a good example, we had a voting session and it came out on top, but nobody wants to read it now*
    ًWell if you don’t read more chapters it’s hard to decide …
    Truth for me what’s happened to dark elf throw me off from the novel and the story wasn’t that much 🙁

  4. Knight and Elf actually have great premise in opinion. Is just that the way the story progress is quite boring… i have a high expectations of it in the early chapter. Put it on hold at the moment not dropping it, the story is not that bad to read while on a break or free time. At least that’s my personal opinion and reason not read it ATM.

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