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Chapter 9 – Job Selection Window

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1721 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1228 words
Editor(s): Silva

Shaking her head, Yaeger felt too lazy to bother about this trifling and tedious matter, before turning to look at her innate skills.
Most of the rare races had 1 innate skill during their early levels. However, she had 2 of them! One could imagine how much of an innate superiority the Celestial race had over other races.
Suppressing the excitement in her heart, Yaeger started to examine her first Innate Skill.

【Devourer】: You’re Gluttony in human form, and are able to devour everything in order to increase your strength.
Attention: The energy you devour cannot be more than 2 times of your body’s energy. Skill cooldown, 12 hours.
Auxiliary skill always active 【Automatic Energy Absorption】.

“It’s actually an absorption-type skill!” Yaeger could not help but exclaim in shock. In this game, absorption-type skills were extremely rare to come by. Furthermore, this Innate Skill came with an auxiliary skill! It was basically more than a 1 for 1!
He proceeded to examine the next skill.

【Final Attack】: When your hit points drop to 10% or lower, you have a 5% chance of triggering a 10x attack. Skill cooldown: 24 hours.

“10x attack!” Yaeger’s eyes snapped wide open as she sucked in a mouthful of cold air. This was a divine-level skill!
However, her heart quickly calmed after reading through the skill’s description with scrutiny.
Without a doubt, this Innate Skill was extremely formidable. However, the requirements to trigger it were too severe.

Firstly, it was extremely difficult to control one’s life when one has only 10% of one’s hit points, especially so in the heat of combat. At 10% of one’s hit points, one could get killed in the blink of an eye.

In ordinary circumstances, the absolute majority of players would not let their hit points drop below 20%. There were 2 reasons for this: 1st, the hit point regeneration rate in this game wasn’t high. Self-recovery skills and special medicine that could instantly bring one’s hit points to full were extremely rare to come by. 2nd, other than defensive-type players, having only 20% of one’s hit points was not different from wearing only skin to combat, which could disappear in a single flash.

Furthermore, the death penalty was extremely heavy. Not only would one lose experience, there was also a chance for one to drop their equipment.
Therefore, players wouldn’t treat their lives without caution.

“Isn’t the 5% activation chance too low? How many times…” as such thoughts flashed through Yaeger’s mind, it instantly shook her mind, “With my 666 luck stats, wouldn’t that mean that it’s easy for me to trigger this skill!?”

Yaeger felt her head turn dizzy, while her entire body seemed to be filled with happiness and extraordinary fulfillment.
If the activation rate was truly linked to her luck, this skill would basically be a tailor-made skill for her.
However, it was a pity that there was no way to test her hypothesis at this moment.

“Ha…” Yaeger took a deep breath, allowing her emotions to calm down, as the successive waves of happiness had brought her to the brink of toppling over.
In fact, she felt as though she was in a dream, as there was no sense of realism in what was happening right now.

Looking down towards the job selection, Yaeger’s eyes gradually turned focus.
There were only 5 jobs a player could choose at the start, being: Warrior, Magician, Priest, Ranger, and Holy Knight.

In his previous life, Yaeger had chosen the Ranger job. This was the most played job in the game. It has an exceedingly stable spread of stat increments and no obvious weaknesses. Furthermore, a Ranger could use 2 different weapons, a bow and a single-handed sword.

“What job should I choose…” Yaeger pondered deeply about it. Choosing one’s job was just like choosing one’s major in university. Making the wrong choice would end one’s future.

Initially, Yaeger had overestimated himself and applied for Yanjing University. Without any expectations, he had naturally flunked his grades. In fact, he didn’t even have the chance to choose his major.
One could imagine how miserable his life was back then. Perhaps, his fate wouldn’t be the same if he had applied for a 2nd rate university.

However, having come back from the future, he had a path that could rival a top-ranking university. With this splendid path to walk on, there was no more need for him to think about that little bit of regret he had.

“Warriors are extremely powerful at the start, and have pretty good basic attributes. However, they have too little HP, and aren’t suitable to go solo, unless one wants to play the defensive game.”
Naturally, Yaeger wasn’t going to play the defensive game, as the resulting offensive power would be so pitiful it would be unbearable to even think about it.

“Magicians are a very powerful job from the start all the way to the late game, and are placed 1st or 2nd in terms of offensive might. Furthermore, I also know where the magician job-specific divine weapon is located. However, magicians don’t have high physical attacks, and have a very high chance of dying when up against magic-immune enemies.”
Yaeger removed the Magician job from his consideration, before immediately doing the same for the Priest job, as she did not have any interest in becoming a nanny.

“Holy Knight… choosing this job will mean that I’ll inevitably end up choosing the Light Faction.”
The 《Saint Demon World 》was split into 3 big factions: Light, Dark, and Chaos.

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“Looks like Ranger’s the only one I can choose.” Yaeger did not wish to start choosing a faction at the start of the game. Therefore, he had also removed the powerful Holy Knight from her selection.

Having made her selection, she was immediately dressed in the starting outfit of a Ranger; coarse hemp garments. A newcomer sword appeared at her waist, alongside a newcomer bow strung on her back.
Opening her status window, Yaeger looked towards the 3 basic skills of the Ranger job: 【Shadow Form】 【Rapid Attack】 【Precision Strike】

【Shadow Form】 was a concealment skill, allowing her to merge into the shadows when remaining still, making it hard for her enemies to detect her.
【Rapid Attack】 as its name implied, it was a skill that increases her attack speed.
【Precision Strike】 was also known as weakening strike, as it increases the chances of critical attacks.

Yaeger nodded her head in satisfaction. The Ranger job was extremely compatible with her Celestial Race, allowing her to be able to increase her strength with the greatest effect.
After filling in the less important information left, Yeager generated her full stats window.

» Character Info «

Name: Princess Age: 18
Race: Celestial Height: 175 CM
Title: Princess of Destiny, Princess of Fate
Physique: Divine Body

» Character Stats «

Level: 1 Job: Ranger
Potential: 10,000 Charm: 2,000
Luck: 666 Hit Points: 100
Mana: 100 Stamina: 100

» Basic Attributes «

Strength: 50 Endurance: 50
Agility: 50 Mentality: 50
Intelligence: 50 Talent: 50

» Strenghening Attributes «


» Innate Skills «

【Devourer】 【Final Strike】

» Basic Skills «

【Shadow Form】 【Precision Strike】 【Rapid attack】

(Author: All players have 100 mana and 100 HP at level 1 as starting stats. Upon leveling up to level 2, the system will automatically increase those values. The 10x multiplication benefits of the Princess title would be factored in.)


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