Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 132

I finally managed to move beyond the Daihasei Festival in my Index fanfic plotting.
Now I’ve reached the 0930 Incident, also known as the Academy City Invasion Arc.
This arc is a big deal because up until now my protagonist has refrained from getting overly involved in the main plot out of fear of derailing the story and creating a bad end. But the small ripples of their involvement finally cascade into a wave that alters the course of events and they’re thrust into the spotlight in an attempt to create an alternative happy ending.

I intend to plot to the end of Old Testament (Season 3 for the anime only’s) then I will start writing the first chapter properly.
Which brings me to my next problem, I really really need to name the main character.
He’s supposed to be a British exchange student, but I don’t know what kind of name to give him.
Proper English name? Typical Index style psuedo-English name? An English-Japanese hybrid name? A Japanese name?

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 35 «

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