Not Sure, Another World Chapter 39

So in my last post I talked a bit about how I got Railgun S on BluRay.

Railgun is actually one of the first few anime I ever watched, I was introduced to it by a senpai at school. She bought a psychology textbook on amazon but got sent a copy of one of the Railgun manga volumes instead and really got into it. So she bought the volumes that came before it and then watched the anime and got me into it.

The Raildex franchise is huge, even I haven’t touched upon every part of it, and it’s constantly growing with new spinoffs and sidestories in addition to the main novels.

But that’s only the start of what I wanted to talk about, a few years back I actually penned the concept for a fanfic.
The idea was someone reincarnating inside that franchise, but being too terrified to do anything because they could potentially derail the plot.
The core conflict being the ethical argument of whether they should accept a ‘necessary evil’.

What if they saved someone who was destined to die, only to have their interference ripple into preventing the conditions needed for a victory in a major event later?

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