[Chibi Art] Demon Sword Maiden

First off, don’t add this to NovelUpdates, please. It’s not a chapter update! Anyway, thanks to the Patrons, the Publishers, and the Ad Revenues we get from serving ads to the visitors, we finally have some leeway with our cash and managed to commission two cute chibi art for you! Lo and Behold, the cuteness of Lily and Nanako in all their glorious… CHIBI STATE!

Chibi Lily:

Chibi Nanako:

These drawings sure aren’t cheap though, with each of them costing at $120 each, they add up to the total sum of $240. And I plan to make them into acrylic charms soon for a giveaway event. The plan for now is to order 25 pieces of Lily and 20 pieces of Nanako. And these acrylic charm doesn’t look cheap either, especially when you’re ordering them in bulk~ I’m looking at no less than $90 for these 45 charms. And that’s not inclusive of the packaging, shipping fees, and the fees I’ll incur to deliver them later.

The Chief Editors will get one of each for free. The Patrons who actively participated in our Discord server will get one as a freebie, it pays to be “social” isn’t it? I also plan to make a “limited tier” in Patreon for those who are willing to “pay a little price” to get them. We only have limited stock so…

And lastly, I will put up 5 pieces of each character in a “social” event for the giveaway. The rule is pretty simple, just like our Facebook page and share the “event post” to public or follow our Twitter page and retweet the “event post”. Simple right?

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