The Saintess Chapter 6

Here comes the 6th chapter of the Saintess! It’s quite a weird and refreshing feeling to translate a novel without titles for the chapters.

On a side note, I think I will start the voting session for the teaser novels when both The Saintess and the Transcendent reached chapter 10. For now, I don’t have any other teaser novel in mind, so if you have something to recommend, better do it soon, and by soon, I mean ASAP.

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11 thoughts on “The Saintess Chapter 6”

  1. If you’re looking for Chinese gender benders, try these. These kept me entertained when I read a lot of web novels.

    The following one isn’t a Chinese gender bender, but it’s still pretty good. I believe that it won an award or something along those lines. There is a translation project under the title “I was Killed by my Classmates and Became God’s Gofer” but so far, only the prologue and the first chapter were translated and this was almost a year ago or so. The gender bender does not begin until the end of chapter 7 / beginning of chapter 8.

    1. What’s Succumbs? Do you by chance mean Succubus’s Life in Another World?
      You will have to bring that query to SirMeta or PunishedLyly as I’m not directly in charge of that project.

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