Hero’s Daughter Chapter 45

Surprise surprise! We have taken over the Hero’s Daughter project from Yuki to relieve her from the pressure of manning so many projects at once and we will now be guaranteed 2 chapters of Hero’s Daughter per week on Re:Library. The new translator of Hero’s Daughter will be Aurum, please give him your warmest regards.

With this shift of manpower, we will now be guaranteed a weekly release, but as usual, it comes at a cost. For those of you who are already familiar with Re:Library’s Project Gender Bender, then this is just another usual day for you. However, for those who are unfamiliar with our project, then you should know that Re:Library is currently paying for the translation of this novel in order to provide you with a steady pace of weekly releases. If you wish to support us and help us cover some of the bill, feel free to visit our Patreon page and drop us some donations.

Thank you and enjoy the read!

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