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Chapter 45 – To Be Legends

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 788 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In the wake of its rampage, the Evil Dragon was crushed by the collapsed rock.
As the dragon’s heart, its vital point, approached the ground, Corinna quickly called out, “Lyell! Reid! Do it now!”

“On it!”

Lyell made a dash without delay.

He was like a hero out of a storybook.
I didn’t have the leeway to gaze at the captivating sight. I had to let loose some threads.
They went to Lyell, not, they headed to his holy sword.

In response to Lyell’s movements, the Evil Dragon took a deep breath.
Judging his limbs were unusable under the collapsed rock, he’d intercept Lyell with his breath. That decision was not wrong, but…

“Maxwell, wind! Maria too!”
“Got it!”

Maxwell immediately responded to the instructions.
He shot a strong wind at Gadius, making him catch up to Lyell. This was to compensate for his slow speed since he’s a dwarf.
Gadius quickly overtook Lyell and raised his shield in preparation.

A scorching breath assaults him. Gadius pushes forward, pushing through the heat.

In the back, we’re protected by Maria’s barrier.
Maxwell’s wind blocked it off as well, protecting against the dragon breath wasn’t a problem.
In fact, Maxwell was already preparing his next magic.

The dragon breath is just a long breath.
In other words, it’s only an additional effect on top of the act of exhaling.
No living creature can keep exhaling forever.

It only took about 30 seconds before the Evil Dragon’s breath stopped.
Lyell took advantage of that gap and charged ahead again.


Along with his scream, he held his sword up and thrust with all his strength.
The sharp tip pierced through the scales and cut into its flesh.

But it’s too shallow.

His sword isn’t short, but it’s still not enough to pierce through the tough muscle holding up the Evil Dragon’s giant frame.
The sword came to a stop after shaving off just a bit of bone, nowhere near a fatal wound.
But at that, Cortina gave out her last command.

“It’s all over now! Scarlet Nine, Olive Nine, Azure Nine! ThunderStorm!”

With more magical power than usual, Maxwell set off his lightning magic.
Normally he’d direct his attack to his opponent, but by focusing entirely on maximizing the power the destructive magic was scattering out.
This magic was so powerful a person’s body might’ve exploded at the slightest contact.

But even with that kind of power, the scales of this massive dragon would defend from its effects, under normal circumstances, that is.

But currently, he’s pierced by Lyell’s holy sword, with my threads tangled around the holy sword.

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I let go of the threads and Lyell abandoned his sword.
Maxwell’s lightning spell spread out and flew into my thread along the wall, it flows along the thread rushing to Lyell’s sword, the holy sword that pierced the scales and is stuck just above the dragon’s heart.

Even though it’s the strongest monster in the world, it is still a living being.
Its internal organs are driven by electrical signals, so what would happen if an ultra-high voltage lightning storm floods them.

“…Even if it’s the Evil Dragon, it can’t withstand this,” mumbled Cortina.
As she mumbled, a living being couldn’t possibly handle having electricity flow directly into their body.
The Evil Dragon stiffened and convulsed under the rocks it was trapped under.
Eventually, its body swelled with a low explosive sound, perhaps some combustible material inside the body was ignited.
Because it breathes fire, it must have had a fuel source, if lightning sparks reached that source it’ll likely explode.

The Evil Dragon stopped moving after flames erupted from it’s eyes and mouth.

“Did, we win?” Muttered Lyell as he got up from the spot where he was lying face-down by the Evil Dragon.
No one could believe what just happened.
A group of six people defeated an Evil Dragon that destroyed a whole country.

“We won?” Even Cortina who had planned the whole operation couldn’t believe it.
But the fallen Evil Dragon lay before our very eyes.
He had his organs burned out, his wings cut off, and was crushed under rocks, he was dead.
“Hah… haha. We did it, we did it! Yea!”

I couldn’t hold myself back and raised my fist in triumph.
Unusually for her, Cortina reached out to embrace me.

“We did it! We did it, Reid! We defeated Colchis!”
“Yea, we did it! Well done Tina!”

Calling each other by pet names, we hugged each other and swung around.
Meanwhile, Maria rushed over to Lyell and Gadius to heal their wounds, ever the attentive priest. As expected of someone called a Saint.

And with the subjugation of Evil Dragon Colchis, we became legends.


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