Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 118

Monetary issues aside.
I finished reading Genius Prince’s Guide Volume 2 today.

I mentioned before that I bought the first volume, along with Der Werwolf, for the coach trips.
Well my verdicts for the first volumes were pretty simple.

Der Werwolf was all around really solid.
And Genius Prince, while originally more fun, started to fall flat in comedy after the halfway mark.

That said, the second volume really fixed that. Though it uses the same problem, by introducing new characters and providing a proper opponent it went a long way to preventing the original gag getting stale. And using romance as a vehicle really helped it keep ahead of some of the competition.
I’ll have to read Der Werwolf Volume 2 next to see if it can keep its lead!

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One thought on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 118”

  1. I LOVE Der Werewolf, I originally I got the first chapter free not expecting much, but I was immediately hooked and bought the whole thing and have gotten each new volume after it’s released.. The MC Veight’s sense of humor and actions are always worth a laugh, especially how others react to him. He’s regarded as some insanely powerful and crafty fellow by everyone around him, while he himself is just trying to get by and feeling he’s fairly average and not all that powerful or smart.

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