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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 115

Hello readers.
I’ve already notified the people over at Another World’s chapter but I’ll do the same for you guys too.
Don’t tell the readers over there, but I consider you guys my true fans!

I’m going to be away at Miku Expo the coming weekend! Now this doesn’t mean much to you guys, since you’ll still get all your chapters at the usual time with the same editor notes and all that jazz. However, since I will be scheduling the chapters in advance this week it does mean that these little updates will be a few days out of date by the time you read them.

Since I usually schedule them the night before they post it means I can bring you up to date news and the latest of my shenanigans.
Unfortunately that’ll be impossible for the next batch of releases, I know, I’m sad too. I’ll do my best to give you something a little worth reading though!

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