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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 113

Even Honkai has misunderstood me to believe I am a lolicon.
My entire gacha career so far has been lolis!

Luckily I managed to get an older sister samurai from the event shop too. Her gameplay fits my style nicely. AKA spam the attack button.


Also, this short chapter included two entirely original characters, I tried to keep their details minimal so that it won’t really influence the story or anything. But I have a couple of ideas for them in the future.
Specifically the redhead girl, she’s actually a derivative of one of my consistently reused original characters originally created way back for God Eater 2. She has since served as a heroine in the multiverse I use for my RPG’s. In fact, if I was to write a spin off for DSM I’d probably include her, then have the derivative in this case be her daughter. (I set this up in advance by giving her a ponytail instead of a sidetail like my original character. Hahaha. Genius.)

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