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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 15

Hello folks, it’s that time of the week for another chapter of Not Sure, Another World.

That also means it’s time for my weekly anime roundup so let’s blast through that.
Azur Lane, Unicorn finally graced me with her cuteness!!!!
Assassins Pride, somehow got even worse.
Phantasy Star, still bland and poorly adapted.
Highschool Prodigies, pretty fun but only on the isekai scale of ratings.
Hero Academia, well anyone familiar with this doesn’t need my opinion.
Galactic Heroes, still going strong and getting better.

As for SAO and FGO…they’re still my favourites.
Regarding FGO, I’m having to farm the hell out of the Gallows quest from the new Salem chapter. What ****** decided Ereshkigal needed 120 of a brand new material to enhance!?

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