Chapter 15 – Hypocrisy over Righteousness?

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1165 words

 Three days after the assault from the three siblings. I was hiding in a forest near the village. Neil had come alone the next day. I didn’t meet him. But he came again the next day. Again alone. I ignored him. But I couldn’t leave my house. So it was very inconvenient.

 As such, my mood wasn’t too great and I couldn’t do my daily routine. Thus, in order to regain my peaceful days, I gave up and decided to make the medicine. But I have no intention of giving it to Neil. I dislike him. So I decided I would give it to Coco instead.

 And so I was currently on the lookout wondering when Coco would appear.

 Yep, I look like a really suspicious person. So it’s great that I have the Stealth skill. Once I find her I’ll report back. Let’s tighten my hood and secure the perimeter!

 Anyways, the village sure was quiet. There were very few people walking about. I wonder how their life looks like.

 ……It really is empty. And Coco still hasn’t shown up yet.
 Even after waiting for a while no one had passed by. Why?

 Probably because of that. Everyone was likely still in bed. Most likely they couldn’t leave home because they were too sick.

 Of course! I’m being stupid …..But as I was about to give up and head home, I saw a face that I recognized. First villager discovered! It’s Collie.

 That child was difficult to deal with. She’s quite vigorous. The type of person who pushes others to listen to their story. It’s probably not possible to have a conversation with her. Or at least not a proper one. And so I decided to tail behind her without talking to her.

 After following her for a bit, Collie entered a house. It looked like she had gone out to draw water. So now I just have to wait for Coco to come out. Alright, come on, Coco!

“Big-sis witch?”

 Oh, I found her. Or rather she found me! She was able to evade my eyes!

“What’s wrong? What is big-sis witch doing here?”
“Um…..I’m not a witch, okay?”
“Ah…, I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, just be more careful from now on.”

 …..I hope she’ll stop calling me witch after this.

“Um, so……why is big-sis w-, doing here?”

 She just said witch again. Or she almost did.

“Right, I brought this. I managed to gather enough materials. But only enough for this one time.”
“Eh……is it really okay!? Isn’t this supposed to be very rare?”
“Sorry, but not so loud. Could you please speak more quietly?”
“Ah, I’m sorry……but is it really okay?”
“Yes…..but I would be happy if you could tell him not to come anymore. To be honest, it’s becoming annoying.”
“Ah…..that is, um, I’m sorry.”

 ……Probably. He was probably standing outside my house at this moment too. 

“Okay, then can I rely on you to pass on the message?”

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 I hope with this my peaceful days will return. If he continues to come bother me then I will move. I’ve already decided upon that.

“Well then, I will be returning home.”
“Okay, um, thank you!”
“It’s fine. Ah, can I ask you for one more thing? There are various materials for this medicine that can’t be obtained during this season. So this really is the last one. So even if you want more, it really is impossible to make it anymore. If other people ask you, could you tell them that?”
“……Yes, I understand. I will make sure to tell everyone.”

 ……You don’t have to go out of your way to tell everyone you know?

“Right, then see you?”
“Okay, bye-bye!”

 Now then, let’s go home. I don’t want to do anything else for today.

 But as expected, when I arrived back home, he was standing outside. So I went out gathering until the evening before returning home.

 Several days later.

 There was the sound of someone pounding on the door. Who is it so early in the morning! I’m sleepy…..let me sleep…..

 Shut up! I can’t sleep!

 I got out of bed and went down to the living room. When I was about to open the door, I noticed that I was still in my sleepwear and activated Storage to instantly change my clothes. It’s great since I could save myself the trouble of having to change my clothes one by one. Storage sure was convenient.

 After changing clothes, I unlocked the door and opened it. Ah! It’s bright outside!


 Ugh, it’s Neil. Why did he come so early in the morning? Usually, he would come around noon.

“Uhh, that, um–”

 …….What’s with his reaction. It’s different from usual. What’s with him?

“Ah—, that uhh…”

 Ah. I’m not hiding my face! I hurriedly slammed the door shut. I activated storage and equipped my cloak. Then I pulled on the hood before opening the door again.

“……Good morning.”
“Oh, uh, good morning.”

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 That sure was close. I barely managed to avoid catastrophe. Or at least, I hope I did.

“What are you doing here so early in the morning? Didn’t you get the message?”
“No, I heard it. But I just really wanted to say thanks. That’s why I left home around the time everyone was still sleeping to come here.”

“Hah, is that so. Then I accept your gratitude, please return home.”
“Wait! I just really wanted to thank you!” I heard from my sister about how the medicine couldn’t be made anymore. Even going out of your way to bring something so valuable…..”

“Yes, I understand. Then I accept your gratitude, please return home.”
“Wait! Wait! This isn’t much of a repayment, but I brought some vegetables! To be truthful, they’re part of our stock for winter, but I wanted to do this much at least.”

“Is that so, then thank you very much. I will accept it. Now then, I accept your gratitude, please return home.”
“Why do you keep trying to make me leave!?”

“……Because for some reason you keep on trying to enter my house. Do you really not understand? Why a girl is living in such a remote location by herself? It’s because I just want to live quietly. Do you understand? I made that medicine because you kept on being persistent and annoying, so I had no choice but to make it in order to get you to stop.”

 Neil lowered his head. But that was the truth. I just wanted to be left alone.

“If you understand, then please return home. And don’t come back anymore. I will accept the vegetables. Thank you very much.”
“No, it’s fine…..then, I’ll…”
“Yes, goodbye.”

 Neil then went back home.
 As such, my peaceful days have finally returned. I decided to go back to bed.
 Winter was slowly approaching.


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