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New Year Update & Future Plans

Dragon Princess Chapter 32

Hello, is this thing on?
It is, great! Hi, I’m Dex and I guess I’m publishing this series now.

Right, so I just got back from my vacation. If you follow us on Discord, then you probably already know this, but due to my friend’s fickle mind, we had last-minute changes to our plan and extended our vacation for a few days. It was then I realized that it would be too rush of a job to edit this chapter and publish it on the same day that I got back, so I just pushed the publishing to Deximus.

With that said, Deximus will now be the official publisher for Dragon Princess and Female Knight & Dark Elf. Well damn, now that left me with nothing to publish… guess I’ll just work on increasing our already low volume of stockpile due to taking a week-long vacation…

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