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Chapter 32 – Evenly Matched Training Partner (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1641 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1184 words

I, the great Arte something-something Lilith, am the princess of dragons. I won’t bother talking about my past life, nor do I wish to look into how I became like this, all I want, for now, is to soundly get through the crisis before me…

I originally thought that the so-called princess was a noble, graceful, and sophisticated creature. Even if we get invaded by a world-destroying monster, a knight would stand in front of me and say, “princess, fear not, for as long as I am alive, no harm shall come unto you,” but now I have realized…

Just how naive I was…

A princess, especially the dragon race’s princess, is a highly dangerous occupation…

As I looked at the deep-sea giant that slowly got up with an ominous glint in its eyes, I could feel my lower half shaking so much as though I was standing on a desk with hundreds of electric drills switched on at the same time. I shook so much I could even feel my scalp getting numb and my vision turning white.

As for the deep-sea giant who before was shaking even more fiercely than me, as soon as my mother told him, “If you can win against my dear daughter, I will let you go,” it immediately recovered from its fearful state after realizing the daughter of the terrible demoness was just a shivering little bunny.

It is now baring its fangs at me, seemingly ready to jump at me at any time…

Big brother, please think over it thoroughly, did you honestly believe Mother would keep her word if you really win against me? That’s too naive, if you harm me, she will definitely cut you into a hundred and eight thousand pieces before throwing your remains into the sea to feed the fishes. That’s why we should just shake hands and resolve this peacefully. I promise to release you with my status as the princess of dragons, how does that sound, not a bad deal right?

“Roar!!” The big brother clearly did not understand my intention… that’s a really dumb decision, if you keep this up, both of us will end up dead yo!

“Roar!” The deep-sea giant let out another cry, then it ran towards me with thunderous steps. Its speed was clearly faster than last time…

He’s clearly looking down on me huh…

Ⓢⓗⓘⓣ! Do you think I’m scared of you huh? Who am I? A great ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my past life, the princess of the strongest dragon race, my mother is one of the only three demigods in this world, I was born with lightning as a special effect, and even received the favor of the great ancestor. Moreover, he gave me a divine weapon and a drop of blood essence. Anyone who hears my true name, the Chaos Dragon, would feel nothing but awe. I could walk the instant I was born, I could speak merely half a day later, and now, after a day, I am already capable of threatening my subordinates!

Do you think someone as awesome as me wouldn’t be able to beat you? Hah!

Alright, since you want to throw away your life so urgently, then I can only…

“Mommy, save me!!!!!!”

I can only turn around and run away…

Stop joking around, there’s no way I can defeat that thing. My total height didn’t even reach up to its little toe, how am I supposed to fight? Punch its stomach with my tiny fist? I would be flattened first before I could land a good hit.

“Princess, don’t panic. Turn back and finish him off.”

“Dear daughter, relax, you can definitely do it.”

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Can the two of you please stop cheering? Just let me concentrate on running away…

Hm? Speaking of running away, I found that my running speed was really fast. Even the brawny ruffians in my past life wouldn’t be able to achieve this kind of speed. Even the speed of someone running away after using a spear to stab the part of an enemy general which can only be described as a yellow flower wouldn’t be this fast. 1

Just a light step on the ground and ten meters were closed just like that. With a casual leap, I was able to jump over a boulder several meters tall. My body felt so light as though gravity was non-existent. Moreover, it felt like this was far from my full power.

So this is… the body of a dragon? Judging from the outward appearance, it looks no different from a normal thirteen- or fourteen-year-old girl, but the basic stats of this body are clearly off the charts.

In addition to that… I touched the place that was bleeding earlier and didn’t feel any damp blood. Instead, there was a solid scab in its place.

Three minutes had yet to pass since I received this injury, and yet a scab had already formed. With this kind of recovery rate, could they really still be categorized as a life form?

No wonder mother only stroked my head lovingly and wasn’t the least bit concerned, perhaps she had already known this would happen.

Hahaha… I laughed out loud with my head looking up at forty-five degrees. With such a frigging body, what am I still afraid of? Just turn around and beat him up!!!

But after comparing the gaps between us… I still couldn’t help but feel a little terrified.

As the proverb says; leave the greenery alone, and you won’t have to worry about the lack of firewood; it’s a small world, there’s always an intersection between mountains and rivers; the body is our greatest capital; today you punch me once, tomorrow I punch you back; justice always prevail over evil; a princess that doesn’t take revenge is not a good princess! 2

Today’s terror shall make me stronger tomorrow. Just wait for me, next time I will show you just how much I’ve grown!!

For now? …Hehe, let’s just run away first…

Just when I was about to run away, I found that the sky suddenly turned dark…

“Eh? Why did it suddenly become so dark? It was so sunny just a moment ago.”

It couldn’t be…

I stiffly turned my head around… then I saw the deep-sea giant squatting right behind me. It looked at me with a nasty grin.

“Haha… as expected of big brother. You sure are fast and caught up to me so quickly. But since my mind wandered for a bit just now, this fight has become quite one-sided. How about… we start from the beginning again?” I used my sweetest smile and asked cutely.

The deep-sea giant lifted its right hand and answered with the “rumbling” sound of the gale.

At this final moment, there was only one thought in my mind:

The next time I run for my life… I should devote all my attention to running away. I must never look down on the art of running away, otherwise… I will receive judgment…

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  1. in Chinese, chrysanthemum (a yellow flower) is an euphemism for ‘anus’
  2. Silva: No idea what she’s trying to pull here, everything’s so random…

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