Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 89

Silva wanted me to do a poll to measure how many people are using the new Dark Mode as opposed to Light Mode, but he also forgot that would require me to crawl around the internet trying to work out how to make a poll on wordpress because he disabled my visual editor mode. Something about how I kept making messy code because I edited in it?

Also in other news, I got promoted to Chief Editor of Arifureta I guess? I might do something with that title, I’m not sure.
This gives me a lot of titles now!
Chief Editor of Arifureta, Editor and Publisher of Demon Sword Maiden and Not Sure, Another World.
Slowly but surely my conquest of this site will take hold, and it will become Xen:Library!

-Yours Sincerely,
(Future) Lord Robinxen

PS. Silva also gave me a fancy site email that makes me feel extra professional.
PPS. I know we talked about me writing an original story, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten, it’s in the works still. I didn’t write 30 pages of lore for nothing. I’ve just hit a block on how to start the main plot.

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Chapter 19 «

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