Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 76

Wew, 7th of September was probably one of the worst days of my life. Went to a neighbor country to pick up materials for work, after I picked up the materials and went to a different shop to buy tiles. It was then everything started to go wrong. The car malfunctioned and my phone battery dried up, I didn’t have a charger or power bank with me, and I also didn’t have much cash on hand after paying for all the work materials.

Had to run to the closest IT store to buy a USB-C charger with what I have left, find a place to recharge my phone, only to find the USB cable was not working (even though we did test it in the shop once), then I have to run back to the IT store to exchange the item. After my phone is charged for a few minutes, I had to call the mechanics, towing services, and transport back home. One whole day was wasted with no work done since I also had to call the workshop to take the materials back with them until my vehicle is fixed. Sob… The worst thing of all is that the 3 boxes of pizzas I ordered online and never got to buy.

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4 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 76”

  1. Sounds to me like old Murphy handcuffed himself to you that day, my condolences. (For those scratching their heads Murphy’s law, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Sometimes with a little extra just for kicks.)

  2. Think of it this way, at least your car didn’t stop working while you’re in snowy conditions on the road in the middle of a turn, still wondering how I lived through that.

    1. That reminds me of another close call during my high school years. It was during a raining day, my mother was kind of angry at us for being slow and almost late for afternoon class, so she was driving really fast. It was then that it happened, when we were turning at the junction, the front tyre burst and the car swerve to the opposite lane and almost crashed into the bushes off road. I wasn’t even wearing safety belt at the time and was holding on to my Gameboy, it’s a miracle how we survived that. Could’ve turned out much worst if there’s an incoming car on the opposite lane.

      But yeah, we each have our life stories to tell, and it’s important to appreciate every moment of your life cause you never know when you might end up in unexpected accidents.

  3. Well that’s one annoying sum of ripperinos. Worst I had was my car battery stated malfunctioning on the evening when I had to haul my electronics/tableware to new home in the morning 03:30 and to attend introduction **** at 08:00 for Uni and pick apartment keys at lunch.

    Every stop at gas station was hoping that the battery doesn’t die completely and had to recharge it from the electricity outlets (used for winter heating) at parking lot at lunch and then when at the new rented apartment’s parking lot.

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