Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 75

I think I’m gonna switch the schedule around for a bit. From now on, I will be publishing Demon Sword Maiden on Tuesday and Wednesday, Dragon Princess on Thursday and Friday, then finally, Female Knight & Dark Elf will take up the slot of Saturday and Sunday.

Just a little bit more and we will be able to fill up our schedules for the entire week~ 😋
While that’s some great news, just imagine the workload for a single person to manage… it’s… terrifying… maybe I should consider hiring someone to do the editing and publishing parts for me in the near future…

P.S. Oh and I received some advice from a Wikia pro and modified the Demon Sword Maiden Wiki homepage based on his advice, I am very proud of how it turned out, please visit the Wiki page and take a looksie 😉
It is best viewed in Desktop version.

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  1. Just remembered I saw ur recommendation reading list on novelupdates and yes I agree that we have similar taste in Web/light novels.

    1. Ooh… that one huh, I’ve read that too, but I’ve put that on hold due to inactivity. Perhaps I might consider adding that to the next round of poll.

      1. Sooorry~ I know it one recommendation per customer but here’s another for the poll, it’s inactive too. (Succubus’s life in another world)

        Fill the poll with nothing but what I love to read and I can’t lose, win win situation MWHAAAAA!! LOL.

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