Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 73

I’m sure many has already heard the news surrounding Spiderman, but if you haven’t, I’ll break it to you. Spiderman might no longer be part of MCU due to a breakdown between Disney and Sony!

I am honestly disappointed that I won’t be able to see Spiderman spearheading the next generation of Avengers and taking up Ironman’s torch anymore.

If the deal does break down, I can guess some possible scenarios:

Marvel will bring back Tony Stark and create Iron Lad movie, making him Tony’s true successor. Then Peter Parker will pass EDITH to Iron Lad, thus Spiderman will no longer has anything to do with Avengers and MCU in general.

Then Sony will probably continue where Marvel left off, do a Spiderman-Venom crossover, and live-action Spiderverse.

It would be cool if they bring back the previous two versions of Spiderman and had Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland meet.

Hey, those are some pretty sweet lineups if I do say so myself, but I probably shouldn’t give them ideas right? Else they might really do just that and the deal breaks down for real. I still prefer Spiderman being in MCU among all else.

Anyways, that’s enough rant coming from me, you’re not here to see me ranting but for the long awaited chapters of Demon Sword Maiden.

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12 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 73”

  1. yeah too bad that spidey leave MCU…
    on the new deal they propose, they want to bring Venom to MCU, imagine how awesome it is, a Anti-Hero working together with another Anti-Hero like Blade, Deadpool or the other Avenger and sometimes fight against them….
    too bad they can’t reach the deal…
    and Spidey leave MCU with hanging and broken story….

    as for bringing previous spidey, for Andrew its still possible, for Tobey? i guess not, unless you want to see Middle-aged Man Spidey act goofey while fighting enemies….

    but for sure i’m not gonna watch it on cinema, probably gonna watch if new spidey is good (with my low expectation)…
    not choosing side on both company, but Sony really bad for making Live-Action spiderman, like Spidey 2-3 (spidey 1 is good since its first film and fresh start), the amazing one (ugh)…. only Venom is quite good for me, since this Venom is really fresh without bringing spidey on the story….

      1. its different, Tony in the story already on his thirties… so RDJ who actually quite young despide his age can fit perfectly….

        while Spidey from story is naive, goofey teenager…
        look at Tobey right now… for older character, he can retake the role, but for spidey? i think he no longer fit…

        1. it can ~ but probably as Veteran and adult Peter, passing his legacy as spidey to new spidey from another universe ~

        2. Yes, that was the idea!

          Wouldn’t that be interesting in its own way? And since Spiderman will be in a different universe, it won’t have any conflicts with MCU as he’s basically “off the radar”.

          MCU has already planted seeds for multiverse in Spiderman Far From Home, so it’s not too far-fetched.

          And they have also planted seeds for potential Iron Lad movie by inviting that “random kid” to Tony Stark’s funeral, so I think there’s a high possibility of that happening now that the deal with Disney and Sony is off.

        3. creating multiverse for spiderman is good and all….
          but ~
          the broken story spidey is giving damage to MCU….
          since on Far for home is already giving away for Spidey take over Iron Man Legacy and using Stark Technology to create many new costumes, that Kid from iron Man 3 didn’t have enough impact to become Iron lad yet, he only reappear on Endgame and didn’t have interact with Stark since Iron Man 3…
          while Spidey holding more impact and meaning since the reason Endgame happen because Stark want to bring peter back, showing how care Stark toward peter…
          now Peter gone forever, its like Peter abandon Stark’s Legacy and go to his own way after what Stark did to him….

          this is why Kevin Feige still ‘fighting’ out there to bring Spiderman back, rewrite the story is not easy, obviously there’s gonna many plothole happen in the future of MCU ~

        4. Yeah, Iron Lad wouldn’t have as much impact as Spiderman, but if the deal really breaks down, Iron Lad is the only logical choice as Ironman’s next-in-line successor.

          That’s why I assume they will bring back Tony Stark and do some prequel movie with Iron Lad as the lead.

        5. we see in the future…
          how Sony handle it, if they fail ‘again’ this time, it probably over for “Sony Spiderman”….
          Fans gonna rage for sure….

          yeah, if RDJ want to take role back, he already got Nice Ending for his role, retake the role would soil that nice ending for him…

  2. You’re giving Sony to much credit they’re going to destroy the Spiderman’s IP value with a couple of lazy movies then sell it to marvel for a fraction of what it costs today

      1. Tom Holland too only signed for 6 movie, and the spiderman 3 is his last one, seeing his personal tweet unfollowing sony, he probably not gonna retake the role….
        its understandable, since its Marvel Studio who made him to be spiderman, not Sony….

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