Dragon Princess Chapter 4

How many readers of Demon Sword Maiden is reading Dragon Princess right now? Or are they waiting for more chapters to build up first before they start reading? Raise your hand if you are reading both Demon Sword Maiden and Dragon Princess! Let me know your presence 🙂

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    1. Pictures aren’t loading, which ones in particular? The layout tester isn’t really functional yet, I’m thinking of making another post to provide more details, but for now, I’ll just say this:

      The Layout Tester is labor intensive work and is in very high demand. After activating the app, the developer will start working on the layout one-by-one so it may take a while before the new layout starts to show.

      1. Uh, it’s because i’m using adblock. Pictures loaded for me the last time i came into your site. I turned it off and pictures loaded for me but i detest those ads placed in the middle of the chapter text so i re-enabled it.

      2. Also, all pictures that aren’t part of the background. Except the one under the text box on your site that uses the wordpress “you are commenting using your wordpress.com account” box.

        1. I’m still not quite which picture you’re referring to, but I’m sorry to hear that you’re bothered by the ads, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the site otherwise. 😬

        2. Oh, I enabled my ad-blocker and I see what you mean now. I think I know what’s going on, it’s probably the next-gen image format, I’ll look into it and see what can be done.

  1. ✋ Guilty.
    Will continue to follow Demon Sword Maiden and was curious what this Dragon Princess, with the Suigintou look-a-like picture had to offer…

  2. Raises hand
    Decided to follow Sword Maiden. Reading this one for the moment, but will have to see how it develops. The Suigintou look-a-like in the picture drew my initial interest.

      1. It’s just a coincidence, a coincidence… No, it really is, please believe me. I merely chose based on cover art and synopsis, and nothing more.

        It just so happened that both authors have weird fetishes.

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