Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 43

Somebody told me to slow down my release pace so I can build up some stockpile for future releases. I’ve been pondering and I think that’s a fair point. In case I got busy in real life, going on a vacation, and whatnot, I will be able to keep up with the chapter release by taking some chapters out of the stockpile and I probably wouldn’t feel as pressured as translating them on the fly.

Well, the Patreon users will probably not be affected by this change since it’s not like my translation speed will slow down or anything, it’s only the public release that’s being slowed down. I think I’ll go at a 1-2-1-2 pace. One chapter on week one, two chapters on week two, back to one chapter on week three then two chapters on week four, rinse and repeat.

Click the link below to start reading:

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