Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 42

Ahh… That hits the spot! A break is nice isn’t it? Though I say that, I was actually planning to take the break and translate at my leisure so I could build up some stockpile, but who’d have thought, I really went and slacked for one whole week without touching the novel.

Even if I can trick myself into thinking that I’m still fine, I can’t trick my body after all. But it was a well-deserved break. I was finally able to take some time to update the Wiki page since nobody wanted to take up the job of managing it.

Thought of the day:
Maybe I should recruit an editor after all? Not only to help check my grammar but to manage the Wiki page as well 😛

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5 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 42”

  1. Take as many breaks as you want, I have seen a lot of translators overwork themselves translating and drop it due to getting bored of translating it, this is one of my favourite novels so I would rather you take your time 🙂

    1. I second the motion.
      Find a pace that’s good for you and keep it.
      This is like a marathon… but fun… and that other people can also enjoy… sitting…
      Yeah ok, not that similar to a marathon.
      Welcome back!

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