Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 40

Well, it took quite a while for Ziru to notice that I’ve stopped posting on his site. He sure was angry though, as he rightfully should. He blocked me after saying everything he had to so I had no chance to explain. I suppose it was a pretty mature choice to avoid escalating possible conflict further than necessary. Though I do have a few things to clarify.

1) I did specifically tell him that I won’t be making Ziru’s Musing my new home and that I will pull out any time if things don’t go well.

2) My conscience was indeed hurt due to his spartan editing, but that was not the reason why I stopped hosting on his site, if that was the case, I would have said something and stopped the collaboration before it went public.

3) What made me stop posting on his site was because I don’t feel welcomed there. It has got nothing to do with how busy he was or anything, and I wasn’t even expecting a full review of the novel when I asked him to read it. All I expected from him was just a simple introduction of the novel and the translator, a welcome message of the sort. It’s something he should have done without me deliberately telling him to, it’s what should be expected of everyone when a new employee joins their company/team. Is he really expecting me to go up to him and say, “Hey Ziru, I just joined your team, aren’t you going to introduce me to your company?”

4) I don’t hate Ziru or anything, I only hoped he could have done a better job at entertaining his team.

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11 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 40”

  1. rarely comment about this…
    this is just misscommunication…
    yeah he has right to be angry, since you didn’t give explanation first, but just to take out all of his anger and suddenly block you is immature thing to do, at least wait till you explain the reason why you didn’t posting on his site anymore.

    and as the leader of his team, its his job to introduce you to all of his team,and always on touch with his team, sure he has many stuff to do, but he still has responsibility for his team wellbeing, busy is not a excuse, if he really busy, then he should give that responsibility to someone else, not try to still expanding his team, his community while still busy with other stuffs.

    i didn’t hate him, even few novels that i’ve been reading is from his site, but anger is cloudy his judgement and take a one-side actions, its not good.
    hope both of you make up with each other.

    well, this is just my useless opinion, hope you don’t mind.

  2. Makes sense. From his point of view you had some sort of agreement and you were breaking it for a long period of time without communicating anything to him. Most bad breaks happen from lack of proper communication. I guess he was only barely holding up his side as well (disappointing but can’t completely hate a guy who’s had to deal with as much stuff as he has) so it was probably inevitable either way.

    But yeah, most guys prefer it when people are upfront and would rather have someone actively upset at them than someone saying nothing and walking out the door (which tells the guy that they aren’t even worth their time), which was most likely how he saw it.

    Just my opinion that’s worth less than a penny. Don’t take it seriously if you don’t want to. shrugs

    1. Yeah, I agree that the lack of proper communication is what breaks off friendship.

      I remember there was a time when I say, “a girl looks most ugly when they just woke up from bed” and this girl completely snapped at me.

      I don’t mean any harm with that comment and what I really wanted to convey was that, “it is the privilege of the husband to be able to see all the good and bad parts of their partner.”

      1. Dude. You ran into a clearly visible wall with that one. 🤣
        Anime comedy tier stuff.

        As for the other matter, I can’t really say much. It’d be one thing if a loss of money was involved, but leaving no room for communication like that just doesn’t feel right for what seems like such a small incident.

  3. Its a shame that he broke off your relationship like that. I also understand why you likely didnt appreciate his editing. The goal of editing should be to keep the writer’s style intact, while also cleaning it up a bit and making sure the language is clear and can be understood. If he was changing so much that it didnt even feel like your writing anymore, then you made the right choice.

  4. Not that we would know what exactly was the dialogue between you guys but yeah blocking someone hardly is a mature approach as far as handling a disagreement goes. Sad to see that dialogue breaks off like that.

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