Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 33

Yes, I guess many of you have been wondering why I haven’t been posting on Ziru’s Musings. There are various reasons but I guess the main reason had to be this: It’s just not worth the hassle.

What? That wouldn’t cut it? Okay… here goes the nagging.

Posting on three sites at once is quite a lot of work actually, and there are little to no benefits to gain. Wait, what do you mean three? Not two? Yeah, three! I included Patreon in the equation. I mean, I wouldn’t mind posting on three sites if there are actually some benefits to gain, people do work a little harder and deal with the hassle if there’s something to gain right?

My main goal, which is to spread awareness of this novel to more audience didn’t go so well. Even after posting on Ziru’s Musings, the number of readers is still more or less about the same. I guess that’s pretty much to be expected, most readers came from Novel Updates after all. And Ziru doesn’t seem all that excited to have me over, he didn’t even bother reading Demon Sword Maiden, give a short review of the novel, and make a post to announce me moving over. Well okay, he did read a bit when I asked him to, but only the first few paragraphs and his grammar nazi habit kicks in.

Remember the friend I told you who said my English is not that good? Yup, that’s the culprit in the flesh. Though I appreciate it when someone tells me something is not right and correct my sentence, I do not appreciate someone who is literally changing every single sentence I translated, it just makes me lose my confidence you know… He literally went and changed almost all the sentence he read through in Chapter 1. I can show you the chat log with his “correction” on Chapter 1 if you so wish.

I know it was not his intention to “diss” my English, but it still made me feel bad and hurts my confidence.

Thoughts of the day:
Wow the author literally used a Japanese character in this chapter’s title.

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21 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 33”

  1. Well I understand how difficult it is to write in a language that you do not master 100%, English is not my mother tongue (it’s Spanish), you just have to be persistent and constant to improve, I hope to continue reading your translations are very good. Gracias por tomarte tu tiempo y traernos esta hermosa novela.

  2. Your English isn’t terrible though. I really don’t care about a few mistakes here and there and generally give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s only when people are visibly low-effort that I get pissed off.

    An editor will come to you in time.

    1. Mm, I guess… though I have had bad experiences with editor since most of them don’t really do much except minor spelling and grammar check. And good editors nowadays are demanding to get paid per chapter, which is why I was wondering at that one time, “since when did translating become a business?”

      1. raises eyebrow
        Isn’t minor spelling and grammar check what editors do? You’re the translator, so meaning is your wheelhouse.

        Trust me, this swordfighting thing takes a lot of money too, and there’s no demand for it anyhow. I’d like to do that instead for a part-time income.

        1. Trust me when I say this, when I say minor, it’s really, really, really minor.

          When I was going through editing the chapters on my own, I feel like I did more than what the editors corrected.

          It feels pointless to have editors who did less than the translator in editing process.

          That’s their one and only job. Perhaps I just have bad luck to run into editors who are in fact avid readers who want to read ahead of others…

        2. So you mean you expect advice about potential intent of the author, potential snarls of English or better wording? Stuff like that?

          I’d offer to do that, but I know I have no motivation for it. I tried with Altina, didn’t stick it out for long. Doing all of the above is also a surprising amount of work. Since you’re also reading and then thinking about the text and then scribbling notes into the margins of everything you can think of.

        3. Mhm… That’s what I’d expect at the very least. Like you all said, my English is acceptable but not perfect, perhaps those kind of advice are what I needed to improve my English?

          I mean, yeah… As long as they’re not as extreme as Ziru, I’m not expecting a Ziru level editing from them. Just basic advice on how to make some awkward sentences flow better.

  3. I myself don’t have problem with reading your translation.
    Well, maybe some will because they are so aware of what they are reading but whatever.
    Many readers will come as the chapter counts increase, no need to worry about that. We haven’t even reached the 50 chapter count which will pull quite some readers.

    1. There’s difference in how you and Ziru translate anyway, you twos’ experience and how you learned how to do it isn’t the same so it’s most likely for corrections to happen.

      Maybe this is like the case of my classmate showing me his own fanfiction and me being more used and familiar to English, correcting many of the mistakes which he didn’t even realize but that he will most likely learn as long as he keeps improving on it. And I know that how I construct my sentences and paragraphs are different from how others do it, that there’s many mistakes but well, I’m lazy to correct my way of doing it XD

      1. The one thing that we agreed upon is that rather than translating word for word, we should rewrite the entire sentence in our own words after understanding the authors intent.

        Though Ziru is more zealous to that belief than I, since I tend to be more faithful towards the raw source.

        1. so that’s why. well, can’t avoid it then. Anyway, thanks as usual for the continuous translations!

  4. I don’t think you really need to worry too much about the number of readers yet. I think people tend to wait on novels as long as this until a hundred chapters or so to batch read. I generally do the same, restricting my searches to Chinese novels with 50+ releases, so normally I wouldn’t have even known about this novel yet.

    As for grammar, I’ve had no problem with reading your translation. It’s definitely not bad. Maybe it’s not perfect, but the average reader like myself won’t even notice if there actually are problems.

    1. Yeah, I’ll just have faith that more readers will come along the way as I continue to deligently churn out the chapters.

      Haste makes waste, they say…

  5. Urgh, too bad it didn’t work out with Ziru. It’s good that you’re trying to promote this novel. 👍
    To help you, is it better to read the chapters here or on Patreon?
    Thanks for your work.

    1. If you prefer to read ad-free, then Patreon it is, but you’ll have to wait up to 12 hours or more later for free chapters on Patreon. And note that chapters on Patreon will remain unedited and there’s no footnotes so if there’s something you don’t understand, you’ll have to look it up yourself.

      Otherwise, reading on Re:Library is just fine.

  6. Thanks for the chapter. I don’t see any big problems in your writing and people can always improve in a language so just keep pushing on.

  7. Well if they can’t provide constructive pointers on why something is correct or flows better then that’s their personal choice. I have had my share of said exchanges as editor and encoder.

    These kinds of projects are best done over a longtime and if you go back to your stuff from years ago and see how you improved from then the journey was worth it.

    And thanks for the chapter.

    1. Well, I gotta admit my English was really bad when I was in college. I just so happened to find one of the essay I did for my college and hell, even I couldn’t understand half of what I wrote myself back then.

      I feel kind of sorry for the lecturer who had to read through that nonsense.

      Oh and you welcome

  8. I thought your english was perfectly fine tho, I am English and didn’t see any errors (tho I am used to reading google translated raws and bad translations so I auto fix sentences in my head without noticing, but I notice when there is a lot of errors but here was fine)

    1. Yeah, thanks man. I know for a fact that I do need to work on my vocabulary a little more though… cause, you know… there are many occasions where I’m stuck for words in the middle of translating.

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