Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 31

Well, this is nothing new as it’s always been this busy at work every year from February to April. Anyway, just a heads up. Starting from this week, I will be required to work even during the weekends until the end of April.

Since I do not translate during the weekends, I doubt it will affect the current release frequency. But who knows, translating is still considered a “work” no matter how nice you try to put it and there’s a possibility I will need to work overtime during weekdays as well. There’s also the chance that I might have another mental breakdown from overworking and go into a slump. Anyway, I will try to keep up the translation without putting too much mental stress on myself.

Thoughts of the day:
What do you guys think of Progressive Web App (PWA)?

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8 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 31”

  1. Hi Silva, thanks for the chapter?

    Did the Ziru’s site cross posting stopped?
    (Know he’s super busy IRL, programmers have it tough sometimes)

    1. Yeah… about that… It’s just that I can’t really be bothered about it anymore. I’ll make an official announcement in a later date.

    1. Yep, I figured that was the case, that’s why I made sure to include a very simple explanation in the news. I didn’t include the link in this post because I thought I already made the news obvious enough with the Flashcard.

      But anyways, did you ever notice a “Add Re:Library to Home Screen” when you browse our site on a mobile devices? That’s an example of PWA.

      It basically turns Re:Library into an app and gives you access to contents you’ve already visited offline.

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