Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 22

Today’s finally the big day! I will now be dual-hosting this series on both Re:Library and Ziru’s Musings. I have already come to a decision regarding the direction I’d like to go with this co-host project. Instead of publishing it one week earlier on one website or the other, I will be publishing new chapters on both sites simultaneously. You can think of reading on Ziru’s Musings as reading on a Dark Theme while reading on Re:Library as Light Theme.

However, for this week, just for this week alone, I will be directing you all to Ziru’s Musings first to commemorate the start of the collaboration, and let you all have a feel of what’s it feels like to read on Ziru’s Musings.

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Chapter 22 – Sudden Strength Gain (Part 1)

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    1. Oh damn… That’s why I hate different time zones, I forgot I live in the future -_-”

      The scheduled chapters on Ziru’s Musings still says tomorrow even though I set it on 1st February. I got the wrong date, but I did get the right time.

      Anyways, the link is fixed.

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