Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 18

You know, I am quite bummed when I found out the novel page of Demon Sword Maiden is not indexed in the front page of Google when I searched for the keyword. Instead, what showed up on the first page were pages from content thieves and the announcement posts. I wonder how many potential readers I’ve already lost to the thieves. 🙁

Heck, even after going through the 2nd to 5th pages, I still don’t see it indexed anywhere. Instead, I found the novel page which I haven’t officially published on Ziru’s Musings already showing up on the 2nd page, how did that even happen? >.<

Click here to read Chapter 18 – Shikigami Sakura

8 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 18”

    1. Well, your words do have some weight to it, since Novel Updates has already established it’s rightful place as the go to place for most readers.

      It’s just that I am slightly annoyed how their search ranking is higher than the original site.

    1. I tried avoiding that as much as possible, because I know for a fact that right-click has become somewhat of a second nature to some of you out there and how annoying it can be.

      In fact, I myself was put off my the right-click disabler we installed a few days ago before anyone else…

  1. rip, you need to put the website link in white font so they cant see it and accidentally link it to u, make the text in jpeg format, or you could comment on all those pages the original place is here

    1. Believe it or not, I’ve actually already added watermark in every chapters available here, but the thieves just gets more clever everyday and removed the watermark.

  2. That really sucks, hopefully you can find a way to stop the thieves. I’ve seen some pretty creative work arounds. One translator actually posts the link for the new chapter in the comments section as an emoji, while the links in the post lead back to old chapters. Thanks for the chapter your hard work!

    1. I don’t really mind that they stole our content, I’m only pissed that they removed the watermark and didn’t credit the original translators.

      Oh, and how their search ranking is higher than the original

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