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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 167

Click here for 4/5 chapters.

Alright, I finally got around to posting these chapters. I’m very sorry for posting it so late, but between moving back to HK for internship, getting used to the internship and work, as well as family issues, Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel was more or less the last thing on my mind (considering that I am dropping the novel). You will be getting 2 more chapters from me most likely on Sunday (I promise I’ll get it out on Sunday by the latest), but that’s going to be it. It’s been a good run, but I really don’t feel like worrying about my translations getting DMCA’d.

Once again, thank you all for reading this novel with me so far. I sincerely hope that you will stay around to read the Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel fanfiction that I will be writing from now on (but more on that for our truly final release).

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