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Chapter 167 – Pursuer

“Mhmm, he always use the excuse of guidance to get close to me, but fortunately, he didn’t really get anything!” Su Yingzi said slightly proudly.

“It’s no good even if he didn’t get to take advantage of you. Which company is the movie from?” I remember Su Yingzi should have a contract with Chen Zelong!

“It’s not the company’s, it’s a memorable historical movie that City N’s city channel is shooting called “A Dream Back to the Ming Dynasty”, the press has talked about it,” said Su Yingzi.

I nodded, I did hear about such a film. It was directed by the famous director in the country, Deng Daqiang. And that bearded guy seems to be that Deng Daqiang! This guy wasn’t anything good, he often uses the time of selecting new actors to do other deals. He was nearing 50, yet he often sleeps with seventeen or eighteen years old girls. However, this guy was way too brave, he actually dared to harass my woman!

“Ignore him. If he harasses you again, then call me,” I said.

“He doesn’t dare to do anything right now, no matter what, I’m still a famous celebrity, so he only dares to take advantage of me in words, and doesn’t dare to actually do anything,” said Su Yingzi.

“Being careful is better. You never know what he’s thinking, god knows when his primal instincts would suddenly take over,” I said.

Very soon, it was time for Su Yingzi to board. On the other hand, Xia Jing and I had to wait for another half an hour. After we said our farewells to Su Yingzi, Xia Jing asked me about some of Su Yingzi and my history, which I told her. When she heard that Su Yingzi had to marry Li Xiangdong, she couldn’t help but think about her situation, instantly feeling like they’re linked by the same problem, causing her to feel even closer to Su Yingzi.

As for me, I never would have thought that my one meeting with Su Yingzi actually caused a huge commotion. Of course, this is another story.

When we got to Yanjing city’s airport, Xu Er was already there waiting for us. Xu Er did not have a car in Yanjing city, but fortunately, I had called Du Xiaowei beforehand, so he was already waiting for me at the airport.

When Xu Er saw the Santana 2000, he couldn’t help but be surprised. He never thought that someone as rich as me would actually sit in such a common car.

“What? You got used to driving a Mercedes, and think that Santana is not enough?” I chuckled.

“Ugh…” Xu Er could only reply. “How could I? I was just think, Director Liu, you’re so… Oh, is it because you don’t want to be too braggy?”

“Hehe… Kind of,” I didn’t find it easy to explain either. Du Xiaowei had just randomly bought it.

“But don’t underestimate this Santana 2000, this car has been altered, and is using the newest engine developed by East Asia Motion, the a03, so the speed and manipulability is not bad at all,” Du Xiaowei explain.

Xu Er sat in the front, while Xia Jing and I sat in the backseat.

Just as Du Xiaowei was about to start the engine and back out of the parking spoke, a Honda Accord parked diagonally at the side, causing him to unable to get out at all.

“Beep beep!” Du Xiaowei pressed down on the car horn, but the Honda did not bulge, as if the driver was deaf.

Since there was no other choice, Du Xiaowei jumped off the car and knocked on the Honda Accord’s window. Before Du Xiaowei said anything, the door opened, and a man jumped out. He pointed at Du Xiaowei and cursed, “**** your mom, the **** you knocking for!? What if you break it? Can you afford to compensate us!?”

“Please back the car out a bit, we have to go out,” Du Xiaowei frowned as he looked at the vulgar upstart.

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“If you’re going out, then go. How the **** is it my business! It’s your fault that your car is ******!” The upstart shook his head.

“Even a Mercedes, a BMW or a Chrysler can’t get out when you’re parked here!” Du Xiaowei felt rather angry.

At that moment, Xu Er also got off the car and walked over. When the upstart saw Xu Er’s muscles, he couldn’t help a bit scared. Since he thought that Xu Er was a fighter, he went back to his car bitterly, “I’ll leave immediately.”

“Wow, Xu Er, Xiao Wei couldn’t deal with it, but you didn’t say anything and the guy was already scared back to his car,” I joked.

“That’s because Xu-dage looks like a mob boss!” Xia Jing also laughed.

At that moment, Yanjing city wasn’t very hot, and the temperature was just right when we opened the windows. The upstart driving the Honda Accord glanced at the people inside the Santana 2000 and noticed Xia Jing. That caused him to be immediately shocked and felt displeased. He thought to himself “****, I drive such a nice car, but I’ve never met such a pretty girl, yet the guy sitting in the Santana 2000 got such a beautiful one.”

The more the upstart thought about it, the angry he got. People say that alcohol makes people braver, but the same could be said for lust. Although the upstart knew that he couldn’t do anything about the girl, he could still cockily let out his displeasure.

After Du Xiaowei drove the car out, the upstart also immediately followed.

“Director Liu, the Honda Accord is following us,” said Xu Er.

“Ignore it,” I didn’t mind that much.

I never would have thought that the Honda Accord actually accelerated to get in front of us and cockily beeped us with his car horn. That shocked Du Xiaowei, causing him to quickly step on the brakes.

Then, the Honda Accord surpassed us and left with a cocky laugh.

“What do we do?” Du Xiaowei’s face was green in anger. He was already mad enough when he got off to argue, but he resisted back then, yet, at this very moment, he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Do whatever you want to do,” I know Du Xiaowei wouldn’t be content with not letting out his anger.

“Okay, Director Liu, you guys should hang on,” Du Xiaowei shifted gears and stepped down on the pedal, causing the Santana 2000 to fly out.

The upstart, who was driving the Honda Accord, smiled proudly and excitedly as he listened to the radio, then suddenly saw the Santana 2000 appear behind him once again. What’s more, it was speeding towards him with an incomparable speed. Furthermore, it seemed like it was going to over take him.

How could my Honda Accord not match up to his Santana 2000! The upstart was a bit speechless, thus, he stepped down on the pedal, causing his car to shoot out like a rocket.

However, Du Xiaowei did not show any weakness and remained hot on the Honda Accord’s tail. Then, Du Xiaowei shifted gears, causing the Santana 2000 to overtake the Honda Accord in an instant.

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The upstart pressed down on the pedal with all his might until blisters were about to pop out on his feet. However, he just couldn’t catch up to the Santana 2000.

“Beep beep,” A warning came from the Santana.

“The police is running speed tests one kilometer in front,” Du Xiaowei looked at the warning machine and said, so he immediately decelerated the car.

However, when the upstart saw the Santana 2000 decelerate, he thought that Du Xiaowei was screwed, so he quickly pressed down hard on the pedal again, then quickly over took us.

“******,” Du Xiaowei swore, then lowered the gears down by a notch once again.

As we expected, not long later, we saw two police in front holding cameras and speedometers, while the Honda Accord was parked at the side of the road with the upstart accepting the investigation in depression.


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