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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 38

Hey everyone, today (and the next) chapters are rather special. It’s because I’ll be releasing two versions of each chapter. There is a reason behind it. Normally speaking, I use raws directly on the PC site of Qidian. However, while I was translating these chapters, I noticed that it was extremely different from what I remember reading before. That’s why I flipped forward a few chapters, and it turns out that the event that I thought was missing from the chapters was actually referenced.

That’s why I turned to the Qidian App on my phone. Guess what? Volume 2 of the novel is structured in a completely different way for some reason, but it was what I had read before. That’s why, the only conclusion I can come from this is that while the author was editing the novel, he missed the reference to the event in a future chapter. Hence, in order for you guys not to get confused, I have translated both versions of the chapters.

Here’s the first version (PC raws version) the chapter of the day!

Here’s the second version (phone app raws version) the chapter of the day!

Click on “Next Chapter” to see the teaser for the next chapter! (Take note, there is two teaser chapters today because of the two different versions of the chapter~)

Remember, the Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel Fan Art contest is ongoing, nearly half of the time limit is gone. I’ve had two great submissions so far, I hope more comes in~

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