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Chapter 38 – Getting rid of the misunderstanding

The instructor thought that I was some kind of rich brat, he didn’t think it would be like this! However, hearing my explanation, he got even more angry, after all, who told me to I retorted him to his face? Thus, he couldn’t help but say, “Since it’s like that, then I won’t say too much. However, since you came to military training, you have to do as my rules says, you didn’t come to military training for two days, so I will punish you by making you run five rounds around the field!”

You have to know, the large sports field for military training has a circumference of ten thousand meters per round, making a normal university student run fifty thousand meter was a mission that couldn’t be achieved, even new soldiers can’t manage to run that much!

I looked coldly at the instructor, “Don’t you think that it’s too much?” I was clear about my own ability, making me run fifty thousand meters, don’t even talk about fifty thousand meters, even if it was a million meters, it would be like child’s play. If I can use teleportation, that’s just a few second’s worth of work, if I use the time stopping super power, I would be even faster than the speed of light. However, what pissed me off was that the instructor actually made things so difficult for me. It wasn’t much for me, wouldn’t any other university student get tired to death by him?

Sure, I didn’t come to military training on the first day, I should be punished, but isn’t this method of punishment a bit too much?

“Too much?” When the instructor said this, he also regretted he, he felt like he didn’t really need to fight with a student, the student wasn’t his soldier, even if he was his soldier, they couldn’t possibly run fifty thousand meter. However, since he has already said it, he could only continue forcefully, “If you can’t run it, then your grades for military training is blanked!”

“And if I do manage to run it?” I said provokingly.

“Run it?” The instructor didn’t believe that I could run fifty thousand meters at all, thus he casually said. “If you run it, then you can do whatever you want, I’ll give you Outstanding for your military training!”

“Sure, it’s a promise!” I said. I had to immediately go to Hong Kong to deal with the Chen family, so I didn’t have too much time to waste on military training, what I needed was for him to say that!

Under the instructor’s shocked gaze, I started running. The classmates in class also started worrying for me, since most of those who could get into Huaxia University were nerds, their fitness were very poor. That’s why, when they saw me run, they all revealed shocked expressions.

At this moment, only my bros from the room, Ouyang Tianqi and co. didn’t worry, they knew about my physique, although fifty thousand meters was very long, it probably wouldn’t be able to stop me!

Of course I will not disappoint them, I deliberately did not use any powers and ran with pure stamina. Even so, my speed was shocking, so I couldn’t help but slow down, since I didn’t want to shock the world, and have people treat me as the future Olympics champion! However, this really felt terrible, I could clearly run faster, yet I had to pretend to only be able to run slower.

Despite me running at a slow pace, it already was unbelievable for the people there. They didn’t find it much at the start, since there are loads of students that could run ten thousand meters, but I actually finished the second and third round without stopping. This wasn’t much, but what shocked people was that I kept the same pace the entire time, in other words, I was running at a constant speed.

Aside from Ouyang Tianqi, that has had strict martial arts training since a young age, that has noticed, most people didn’t pay much attention, but the instructor was different, they would often have this sort of constant speed running training, but that would have a lot of soldiers training together, so it was rather easy for them to control the speed. It wasn’t so easy for a person to control their speed when they were running alone. Adding onto the loss of stamina later on, normal people couldn’t keep it the same at all!

After I finished running the five rounds, the classmates in the class all let out a long cheer, while disregarding the military training regulations. All of them felt happy and proud for me!

I waved my hand to signal my classmates to be quiet, since their physique was different to mine, I can’t let them ask for trouble due to me. I turned around to the instructor and said, “How is it, comrade instructor, shouldn’t you fulfill your promise?”

Saying that, the instructor momentarily blanked, what he said just now were all things he said in anger. He didn’t believe that I could run fifty thousand meters like it was nothing, so he instantly lost words, and went bright red. He was just a deputy company commander, the chief of this military training was the company commander, he did not have the right to decide whether a student would participate in the military training or not! If the company commander knew, couldn’t he be scolded to death!

However, since he said it, as a soldier, he naturally had to keep his word. That’s why he was really troubled. It seems like the company commander was right, he was a bit too impulsive at times, now he was stuck on spot.

Yet, after thinking about it for a long time, the instructor still said, “Alright, from today onwards, you don’t need to participate in military training anymore, I will also treat your grade of military training as outstanding!”

“Oh!” The entire class cheered, while I stood on the side, silently looking at the instructor, while feeling a bit troubled.

Although this instructor was a bit impulsive, but it’s not like I didn’t do any wrongs. Since he could keep his promise in the end and say that I don’t need to participate in military training anymore, I could tell that he someone that kept his word.

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Yet, from his expression, I could tell that he would get scolded doing this. Should I continue participating in military training or not? I was also troubled.

Just as I was about to say something, I heard a solemn call, “Li Qiang, what are you doing!”

Li Qiang was the instructor’s name, when he heard the call, he immediately turned around to salute, “Company Commander Zhang!”

So the person that came was the chief instructor of our military training, Company Commander Zhang Chengman.

“Li Qiang, what are you doing? Why are the students all so rowdy together?” Zhang Chengman asked angrily.

“Report, sir, I…” Li Qiang really felt troubled about the explanation, since what he did was against the rules of military training, letting a student off and promising him an outstanding grade in military training, how could he say that!

Seeing the instructor’s troubled expression, I decided to help him out, but whether Company Commander Zhang will continue putting fault on him was outside of my control. Therefore, I told him what happened.

“Li Qiang, is what he said all true?” Zhang Chengman asked with a dark expression.

“Company commander, about this…” Li Qiang stuttered.

“Yes or no!” Seeing Li Qiang’s look, he knew that it must have been more or less it.

“Y-Yes!” Li Qiang answered.

“You impulsive person! Look, the student is putting in a good word for you, I’ll deal with you later. Now, one of the battalion commander of our military region is coming to inspect out military training, get prepared!” Zhang Chengman said.


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