VPnA – The Prequel Chapter 158

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Well hard drive isn’t getting fixed any time soon, I got it checked and they say it might be because stuff inside is loose, and so it’s not too big of a deal, so I’m just checking the price to see what it is in Guangzhou first before deciding where I’m going to get it checked. Alas, life moves on, here are the chapters for this week.

On another note, how interested will you guys be for teaser series? I have a few that I want to see translated, so I plan to do a few teasers to see how it goes. Might pick one or at most two of them up as a side project later.


6 thoughts on “VPnA – The Prequel Chapter 158”

  1. Thank you for chapters. Hope u find a cheap but good way to deal with your hard (don’t have and ideas myself:( ). As for teaser series on the one hand imho I only read VPnA on this site so the u focused on the better 4 me, but on the other hand I am grateful for the work you and your team are doing(if someone helps you) by translating novels for everyone so if you feel like picking up a new project u should give it a try ^_^

  2. Well, not sure how much this would help, but I would recommend getting your Hard Drive defragmented every once in a while to keep the files properly aligned (think of it like sorting the books according to the alphabetical order in a library) and when you are deleting files in your HDD, make sure you hold “Shift” as you click “Delete” to permanently delete the files.

    It may gives your Hard Drive longer life.

        1. Actually, when I shook it after I first bought it, there were already sounds, but I didn’t think too much into it. I suppose after a few drops, the crucial links or something must have moved places.

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