Chapter 158 – Calling me?

Although I tried my hardest not to make my mind wander, but Su Yingzi really was too beautiful! Unknowingly, I actually turned on my x-ray vision, and looked through Su Yingzi’s clothes, directly onto her beautiful body.

Following that I focused my spiritual energy on my eyes, ignoring Su Yingzi’s clothes a piece at a time, my breathing also became more erratic, because on Su Yingzi’s body, only a piece of underwear remains!

Su Yingzi’s white underwear gradually surfaced in front of my eyes… It can’t be! There was actually a pink Hello Kitty printed on the white underwear! White colored cartoon image underwear?!

So childish? ***** don’t wear these sorts of underwear right… Could it be that I was wrong? This little girl is still a virgin? I continued to look up, I faint! Su Yinzi was actually wearing a vest and not a bra, a typical little girl!

Looking at these, I couldn’t think anymore, half of my lust was also extinguished. Could it be that this Su Yingzi is an unique kind? But how did she get so popular?

Su Yingzi was still passionately performing on the stage, she didn’t know that her entire body was looked over by a pervert with ill intentions… After the few main songs, the concert entered a peak never seen before… Even the two chicks Zhao Yanyan and Weier were fully immersed.

I was the only person in the entire stadium that wasn’t affected by the atmosphere, I was too busy fantasizing, and didn’t listen to what Su Yingzi was singing at all.

“For the next song, I want to find an audience to come onto the stage and sing with me…”

Before Su Yingzi finished, the crowd heated up! Going up onto the stage together, what a glorified chance it is! Everyone got excited.

“Me! Me!” Just as Su Yingzi’s words ended, volunteering voices rushed out like the tide.

“Su Yingzi! Pick me!”

“Yingzi! Here!”


“Everyone, don’t get anxious…” Su Yingzi wavecd her hand. “Due to where everyone is, I can only pick someone on the first few rows!”

“Ai—— !” A sigh rang throughout the crowd.

With it, discussion also arose.

“The first few roles? Isn’t that the VIP seats!”

“Yeah! How could something this good happen to us!”

“I think it must have been deliberately organized by the organizers, there’s no helping it, they are the VIPs!”

However the discussion immediately stopped, these people are all Su Yingzi’s supporters, and would naturally support her decision.

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I could see Su Yingzi’s figure walk towards the VIP seats, all of a sudden , the perverted gongzi all got worked up, every single one of them reached out lecherously, with a face full of perverted anticipation.

I think in the first few rows of VIP seats, only I acted a bit without care, perhaps even a bit reluctant, everyone else, including Zhao Yanyan and them, all showed an anticipating expression. Actually I’m not unwilling, being asked by a beauty, that is a great thing, it’s just that she is asking someone to go onto the stage and sing with her, that kind of sucks! I’m not afraid of singing, after all I was a famous school singer during university in my previous life, but the current situation is that I haven’t heard a single song of hers, so don’t mention singing together! Making me go up there, isn’t that just to embarrass myself!

Although I dipped my heard, and pretended to be inconspicuous, but sometimes things just don’t go your way, the more you hide, the more it’ll find you!

“Mister, don’t you want to go up the stage?” A sweet voice rang out in front of me.

“Me?” I subconsciously lifted my head up, only then did I realize Su Yingzi was only four or five meters in front of me.

Actually, Su Yingzi already felt strange about the person sitting at the center VIP seats when she was on stage, other people would try their hardest to get this chance when they hear that they could go on the stage with her. However, this person dips his head instead, and deliberately hides, as if he’s terrified of being picked. This confused Su Yingzi a lot, and thus wanted to find out the reason.

Sometimes, a woman’s curiosity would be very powerful, but at the same time, curiosity killed the cat. At this moment, Su Yingzi didn’t know that her sudden curiosity changed her original path of life.

“Yeah, other people would try their hardest to get this chance, don’t you want to?” Su Yingzi said to me with a smile.

“About this…” I didn’t know how to answer.

“Just this mister!” Seeing my stuttering look, Su Yingzi suddenly got playful, and announced with the mic, “Let this sir come and sing with me!”

I was shocked! It can’t be, what’s the chances of this! Why was I chosen out of so many people?! Isn’t this making me lose face in front of my two wives! I was discovered even though I pretended to be so insignificant! Xx the xx!

At this moment, the entire stadium was also shocked! The few gongzis beside me even more so! They waved their hands so hard that they nearly turned into “the girls with fluttering wings”, but Su Yingzi ignored them, and instead reached out to this nameless boy beside them.

I looked at Su Yingzi, who was looking at me with an expression both laughing and not laughing, it was the expression when I child managed to succeeded with something naughty! Actually, Su Yingzi did have that feeling, she thought, don’t you want to hide? I will make you come up!

At this moment, it wouldn’t be suitable if I refused, tens of thousands of eyes are watching me, if I damaged Su Yingzi’s face, then wouldn’t these people beat me! ****, isn’t it just going on stage? What’s the big deal. I clenched my teeth and stood up.

Just when I walked to the line divider, two staffs helped me temporarily lift it up, allowing me to crawl over. I could feel the envious glances, which were about to spurt fire, that the gongzi-ges have behind me, this finally is actually not bad!

This is the first time I got into close contact with Su Yingzi, although she’s a superstar that’s the center of attention, I didn’t feel any sense of suppression, because I just treated her as a beauty, as for her celebrity identity, I just have never heard about her before.

“Xiaojie, you are deliberately messing with me right!” When I was walking towards the center of the stage with Su Yingzi, I took the opportunity and said quietly.

“…” Su Yingzi momentarily blanked, she didn’t think that I would say that! It wasn’t the first time she sang with fans, but those fans were either nervous or extremely excited, not a single person was as calm as the person in front of her, able to speak with her before getting on the stage. However, Su Yingzi’s shock was only momentary, she very quickly returned to normal. Then she said a bit naughtily, “So what!”

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“…” This time it was I who was speechless, I didn’t think that she would just straight out admit it! The words I prepared beforehand were all useless!

“Why are you making me go on stage!” I could only ask the following question, which was also the most crucial one.


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