Regarding ‘Missing’ Sections in the Recently Released Chapters

Okay, so I’ve gotten complaints in the comments, and on NUF accusing me of skipping sections etc. Or renaming the novel.

No I’m not. If you people would just read the Index, the title is also called “Rebirth to Chase Beauty (重生追女记)”. This was the original title of the series, before “Very Pure and Ambiguous (很纯很暧昧)” was written.

Now, about the ‘missing sections’ that people are putting in the comments and the so-called R-18 scenes. They were removed when the author went back and edited the story. What you people are copying off piaotian or other rip-off sites are old versions of the novel.

Chapter 125-1
Chapter 125-2
Chapter 125-3
Chapter 125-4

Here is the entirety of Chapter 125 of Qidian. The so called R-18 scene doesn’t exist, because it was edited out as you can see.

I would also like to just take this chance to say this right now: I’m fine with you guys asking questions about whether I made a mistake or not. I don’t appreciate straight up accusations, especially when you base it upon ‘evidence’ taken from an unreliable source.

Thanks all.


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  1. Yes sorry for my previous comment too, like KK I was just feeling something was missing so i’ve asked, because others series I am following have been censured on qidian so I wanted to just know if the same was happening here 😀

    1. Don’t worry. In this case, it wasn’t really directed by to you, since the way you put it wasn’t really bad. It’s more of certain other comments here and there that went: “OMG U R WRONG JAVASJSAJBAHBSJ”.

      I’ll translate the bathroom section of the old version later. Expect it sometime tomorrow.

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