Chapter 91 – A Woman’s Intuition

Looking at the long hair in Zhao Yanyan’s hands, my expression immediately changed! I felt like I was caught on the bed while I was cheating on her.

“About that… Yanyan, listen to me, actually…” Before I was able to finish, Zhao Yanyan laughed and said. “Look at how scared you are, I’m messing with you, it’s my own hair!”

****, it can’t be. She was actually playing this sort of trick, doesn’t she know that she can scare someone to death!

“Wait, Liu Lei, what did you want to say to me just now? What were you going to explain to me? Could it be that you really did something that wronged me?” Zhao Yanyan wasn’t an idiot. With a slight thought, she noticed something amiss from what I said.

“It’s nothing, I just wanted to say that someone might have accidentally dropped it on me…” I laughed dryly as I explained.

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Zhao Yanyan stared at me expressionlessly and said to me word by word,” I don’t want you to lie to me. Where did you actually go this afternoon?” A woman’s unique intuition caused Zhao Yanyan to feel an unusual aura. There was the smell of a woman on me, but it wasn’t her own smell.

Looking at Zhao Yanayn’s slightly annoyed, and slightly depressed gaze, my heart shuddered. Originally Zhao Yanyan did not restrain me in that way too much, why did she turn so sensitive?

However, I decided to not to continue tricking her, I’m a man, the **** am I scared of, Since I have to face this sooner or later, I might as well deal with it today.

“Yanyan, sorry!” I sighed and said. “Apart from you, I also have other girlfriends.”

After hearing that, Zhao Yanyan’s body clearly trembled as she said like she lost her voice, “Then why did you pursue me? Is it really fun? Were you messing with me?”

“No, Yanyan listen to me! I didn’t mess with you! I truly like you. I can even die for you, but I also like them! Every single one of you is so excellent, causing me to be unable to lose any of you!” I know that I am very fickle like this, but what other method do I have?”

“Hmmph! Just who do you think you are? Are you the emperor or the richest person in the world? And them? It seems like there is more than one aside from me?” Zhao Yanyan snorted coldly.

I don’t dare to say emperor, but I seem to be the richest man in the world? However, I naturally couldn’t say that, otherwise, Zhao Yanyan might just think that I was exaggerating, and so she would have an even worse impression of me.

“Yanyan, what I say is true. I cannot lose anyone of you! That’s right, I am a bit fickle in love, but I definitely am not half-hearted, and did not mess with feelings. I treat every single one of you seriously!” I said solemnly.

“I hate you!” Zhao Yanyan looked at me, then after a long while, she spit out those three words before turning around to run back to her dorm.

I shook my head helplessly, and didn’t chase. Was the heavens really going to make me lose Zhao Yanyan?

In the following few days, I didn’t see Zhao Yanyan. It was like this chick was intentionally avoiding me. Not only did she not go to class, she didn’t go to the canteen either. She merely got her sisters from the dorm to bring some food back to her for her meals.

All of my calls over stopped after a ring. Even after a while, she would still refuse to pick up, and after a while, she would just shut down.

Meanwhile, since the supervisor old lady in front of the girl’s dormitory saw me wander around the entrance whenever there isn’t much to do, she thought that I had some sort of ill intentions, and nearly called the police. Only when I showed my student ID did she finally believe that I’m a student from Huaxia University.

“Young man, you still didn’t manage to find your girlfriend?” In the recent few days, the supervisor old lady also got familiar with me.

“No! She just didn’t come down at all!” I smiled wryly.

“Ai! It really is troubling you! How about this, I’ll open the back door for you today, go up and find her!” said the supervisor old lady.

I momentarily blanked. At the start, in order to get into the dorm, I bribed her with a hundred kuai, why was she so nice today? However, I didn’t want to go up, it wouldn’t be of any use and might even make her dislike me even more. I shook my head and said perfunctorily, “I don’t know which room she’s in, what’s more, it really isn’t convenient.”

In Zhao Yanyan’s room at the girl’s dormitory.

“Yanyan, your one stood at the entrance for an entire day again today. Just now, when I finished buying you food from the canteen, I saw that he still didn’t leave yet!” Zhao Yanyan’s roommate, Xiao Hong, said.

“I have nothing to do with him! Who knows who he’s waiting for!” Zhao Yanyan stood beside the window and looked down, and saw the familiar figure still standing there. It caused her to felt a hinge of sweetness in her heart, but very quickly, she got annoyed again. Flirty playboy, was just her now enough?

Meanwhile, as Xiao Hong looked at the depressed Zhao Yanyan these few days, she couldn’t help but sigh.

On the other hand, since the Situ family had took Yu Ruizhong in and stopped his enemies from taking revenge on from. I felt that unless there was no other choice, I didn’t want to fight against them.

With Yu Ruizhong’s organization, he innated Situ Liang and his father, Situ Bo, in Yanjing hotel. That was because he didn’t have the honor of inviting Situ family’s family head, Situ Dashan.

However, this was enough, the purpose I wanted to achieve was just for Situ Liang to stop pestering Yu Ting.

Hearing that Yu Ruizhong was going to treat them, and Liu Lei was also going to go as wlel, Liu Kesheng couldn’t get any more excited. Ever since he saw Situ Liang that day, he was working under Situ Liang and very quickly got Situ Liang’s appreciation his brain full of bad ideas.

Today, Liu Kesheng came to Yanjing Hotel with Zhang Niao as Situ Liang’s left and right hand.

“Liang-ge, are we going to deal with him today?” Liu Kesheng said impatiently.

“Today my father is here, let’s see how they say now!” said Situ Liang. “However, do as the situation calls for!”

“I understand, Liang-ge!” Liu Kesheng laughed terribly. He knew that Situ Liang found it inconvenient to make a move due to Situ Bo being there, but he himself didn’t have that much worries! He made the decision that he was definitely going to cause trouble today and shame this person that caused his family to be destroyed!

The time for dinner was set at 6 o’clock at night, but Situ Liang and co. only arrived at half past seven! From his perspective, he already gave Yu Ruizhong enough face by coming, if Yu Ruizhong doesn’t recognize this, then don’t blame the Situ family for being merciless.

“We’re not bringing a few brothers?” Zhao Niao was still a bit worried.

“What are you afraid of, could they still manage something?” Situ Liang didn’t care. However, there were some truth to his words, in Yanjing city, who would dare to offend people from the Situ family?

Thus, Situ Liang and co. followed the waitress to the room upstairs.

The moment they opened the door, Yu Ruizhong instinctively stood up and walked respectfully to the door. Both Situ Liang and Situ Bo was very satisfied with his attitude since they that he came over to apologize.

However, the following situation wasn’t right!

Looking at the situation in the room, Situ Liang’s expression immediately darkened, and Situ Liang was very displeased as well!

There were still three people sitting in the room, and one of them was at the head of the table! Situ Bo had assumed that the seat would definitely be left for him, he never would have expected that someone else would sit on it naturally.


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