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Chapter 90 – Who’s hair is this?

However, since Zhang Huanghe had already let out the tough words of helping the previous leader get revenge, if he doesn’t do it, then it would be bad for his face. Therefore, he decided with Ding Sanbao and directly announced to the outside world that the leader that Yu Ruizhong killed back then was a completely terrible villain, and Yu Ruizhong killing him was acting out the justice of the heavens.

Since it had passed for so many years and the Flying Tiger Gang had submitted to the Three Rock Gang, no one would care about the past, so this thing was completely solved.

Yu Ruizhong did not think that what had bothered him for so many years was actually dealt with with a few calls!

Seeing that I easily dealt with her father’s troubles, Yu Ting was also very happy. She directly kissed me on my cheek, then said to Yu Ruizhong as if she was protesting, “How is it, dad, your daughter’s boyfriend isn’t bad, right! Isn’t he much better than that Situ Liang!”

Yu Ruizhong said with a smile, “That is natural!” He also thought about it well, now that he has such an awesome son-in-law, who is he scared of? Let the ************* Situ family **** off. He stayed in their home for several years, yet never got put into an important position and merely got a casual job. Now that he thinks about it, if it wasn’t because Situ Liang was ******* after his daughter, perhaps they would have kicked him out ages ago.

Within the Situ family home, during Situ Dashan’s birthday banquet.

“******* hell, a little kid that’s nothing also dared to fight over a woman with me!” Situ Liang roared in anger, and threw the Qing dynasty antique vase in front of him onto the floor. Although he says that someone else is a child, but I wonder how old he is?

“Liang-ge, I researched about that brat. ****, he has no background at all, he’s just a civilian. He dares to act cocky despite that in front of your Situ family?” Situ Liang’s lackey, Zhang Niao, walked in with a pile of information.

Situ Liang received it and took a look, then casually threw it onto the floor, “And I was thinking just how amazing he is. His parents just opened a factory, they’re upstarts at best!”

“Oh yeah, Liang-ge, when I was researching, I found a person. He was classmates with Liu Lei in high school. He seems to also have a grudge with Liu Lei!” said Zhang Niao.

“What is this person doing?” Situ Liang asked casually.

“His father was a corrupt official. He got shot and his mom also ran away with others. It seems like his father had some contact with your father back in the day, so two years ago, when he had nowhere to go, he found your father. Your father put him into the Daxing Gang onto a useless position. However, this person’s pretty bright, the Daxing Gang all call him the little strategist!” Zhang Niao explained.

“Oh? It’s our people? Then that’s good, call him over for me!” said Situ Liang.

“He’s just outside the door,” replied Zhang Niao.

“Then why aren’t you calling him in!” said Situ Liang.

Zhang Niao quickly ran out. Not long later, he led a young man inside. If I was there, I would immediately recognize him, this person is Liu Kesheng who went against me back in the day!

Situ Liang looked at the person in front of him, it doesn’t seem like he was anything special. However, hearing that he actually got forced into helplessness by Liu Lei, he couldn’t help but get curious, this Liu Lei doesn’t seem that amazing?

Thus, Situ Liang pointed at the sofa and said, “Sit, talk about what happened between you and Liu Lei?”

Liu Kesheng quickly sat down. The worsening of his family situation caused him to understand how to be respectful, how to kiss ***. He was completely different from the idiotic person he was before.

“Liang-ge!” Liu Kesheng said respectfully. “Liu Lei is my high school classmate, you are going to deal with him?”

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“How does Liang-ge need to deal with him. He can squash him to death with a finger!” Zhang Niao exaggerated.

“Liang-ge, did you find out Liu Lei’s identity properly?” Liu Kesheng thoroughly hated Liu Lei in his heart, he wanted to kill him whenever he has a chance. He has also stayed in the Daxing Gang for a while and knows that the Situ family not only has power, but was extremely powerful! However, in order to complete his goal in one time, he was still prepared to remind Situ Liang a bit.

“Doesn’t his family open a factory? He’s just an upstart!” Situ Liang said in an uncaring manner.

“Although there isn’t anyone in his family, the main thing is that his bird’s family is not normal at all!” Liu Kesheng said furiously. “****, that *****!”

“What? You also have a grudge with him because of a woman?” Situ Liang momentarily blanked.

“Liang-ge as well?” Liu Kesheng thought that there was definitely a chance to kill Liu Lei.

“That brat snatched Liang-ge’s woman!” Zhang Niao explained.

“****! How’s that okay, Liang-ge is the Sun, the Heavens in Yanjing city! He is looking for death daring to steal Liang-ge’s woman!” Liu Kesheng fanned the flames.

“****! That’s right! Laozi will bring people to kill him tomorrow!” Situ Liang slammed the table and roared.

“Oh yeah, Liang-ge, I didn’t finish just now. His bird’s family is really awesome!” Liu Kesheng added. “Her ******* grandpa is the Secretary of Songjiang Province’s Municipal Party Committee!”

Provincial Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee? Situ Liang hesitated for a moment, but then thought, Songjiang province is really far away from Yanjing city. No matter how awesome he is in Songjiang province, the **** he can do in Yanjing city! Thus, he said, “In Songjiang province, he might be useful! But in Yanjing city, if he dares to act cocky with me, I’ll show him who’s the boss!”

“Liang-ge, are you sure that our Daxing Gang killing someone in Yanjing city is fine?” Liu Kesheng was still worried.

“****, did your ******* brain break?” Zhang Niao immediately got annoyed. “No matter how awesome he, Liu Lei, is in Songjiang, he’s nothing on my turf. What’s more, he’s just the Songjiang province’s provincial municipal party committee’s secretary’s granddaughter’s boyfriend, who would care if he lives or dies!”

Hearing that, Liu Kesheng finally relaxed, it seems like there was hope of him getting avenged. Thus, he quickly flattered, “I don’t mean that, I’m afraid of causing trouble for Liang-ge! Oh yeah, Liang-ge, when you bring someone to kill that brat, can you bring me along?”

“No problem! The two of us are troubled in the same way, from now on, you can follow me!” said Situ Liang.

Liu Kesheng was excited, he finally had a chance to get a better life! ****, after destroying Liu Lei this time, isn’t Zhao Yanyan his? When the time comes, he must **** her to no end!

Situ Liang naturally didn’t have the effort to think about those kind of perverted stuff like Liu Kesheng. He nearly lost all his face today, even his older brother, Situ Kong took the chance to humiliate him.

Just wait! The Situ family’s stuff will be mine sooner or later! Situ Liang thought silently. What he didn’t know was that he was not far away from death.

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“Where did you go in the afternoon?” Zhao Yanyan asked as she stared at me.

“I didn’t go anywhere, I just went to have a drink with Xu Qingwei,” I said.

“Is that so?” Zhao Yanyan frowned. Her sharp gaze swept across me, then said with a smile unlike a smile. “Where’s your jacket?”

“Jacket? What jacket?” Only then did I realize, my jacket got ripped by Situ Liang, so I casually wore one of Yu Ting’s dad’s shirt before running back to school.

“What is this?” Zhao Yanyan suddenly pointed to my collar and said. Just as I wanted to look down, Zhao Yanyan yelled, “Don’t move!” Then she took down something from my collar, it was actually a piece of long hair!


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