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Chapter 92 – Some people were born to get beaten up

The person sitting at the head of the table was naturally me. Yu Ting sat on my side, and on my other side, sat Guo Qing! It would be hard to avoid for the situation to develop into a battle at the end when opposing the Situ family, so in prevention, I called Guo Qing and ten thousand elites near Yanjing city over. The purpose of this was to scare the Situ family a bit so that they would not act mindlessly. I was currently getting troubled with Zhao Yanyan’s matters, so I didn’t want other troubles to appear.

When Situ Bo saw clearly that the person sitting beside me was Guo Qing, he couldn’t help but blank. Guo Qing was the leader of the largest gang in Huaxia!

“You’re late!” I said coldly. “Originally, I didn’t want to do anything to you, but you wasted my time!”

“**** your mom! You are ******* daring, actually daring to speak like that to Liang-ge and Boss Bo, do you know who you are speaking to?” Liu Kesheng was already very excited in his heart, he finally found a chance to get pissed off and rush up!

Guo Qing and I looked and each other and instantly found it funny. This brat is actually still not dead yet, he actually jumped out again just like a Malaysian Monkey.

Situ Bo quickly waved his hand to stop Liu Kesheng from continuing, then walked over respectfully, “I didn’t know that Boss Guo was going to descend in glory, please don’t take offense for our attitude!”

“What ******* Boss Guo, Uncle Situ, you made a mistake, right? This brat was originally my classmate, he’s with Liu Lei, he’s nothing!” With that, he looked proudly towards me with a look as if he tore apart my lie.

Hearing Liu Kesheng say that, Situ Bo started wondering once again. He has never seen the true Guo Qing, and has only seen him in photos. The person in front of him did look very similar to Guo Qing, but there were too many people that looked similar in this world. What’s more, with Guo Qing’s identity, how could he sit beside the head of the table and not at the head of the table?

Thus, he asked in suspicion, “Excuse me, are you…”

“I am Liu Kesheng’s high school classmate!” Guo Qing smiled.

“See, I told you! ****, you guys hurry and stand up. Is the head of the table for you?” Seeing that he was “right”, he immediately started acting up as he got more and more proud in his heart.

Situ Liang was also very proud. From his point of view, he really didn’t bring this subordinate for nothing, since he was very useful at the key moment. If it wasn’t for him, his own father nearly called that little piece of **** boss! When they go back this time, his father would definitely look at him in better light, and might even let him take care of important family business!

Seeing Situ Liang’s recognizing look, Liu Kesheng felt even more proud in his heart. Thus, he had the mind to show off a little, and walked towards Guo Qing as I. As he walked, he said, “Liu Lei, weren’t you very amazing back then? So, where’s Zhao Yanyan? Why didn’t she come? Did she dump you?”

Originally, I didn’t care about what this sort of clown did, a petty person was a petty person, he’ll never achieve anything great. However, what he said right now caused my flames of rage to burn, he really mentioned what shouldn’t be said, even Guo Qing didn’t dare to casually ask about Zhao Yanyan and my relationship right now, and this person was actually acting cocky in front of me?

The result of being this pretentious was simple, it was to get beaten up!

I casually picked up the tea pot on the table and threw it towards Liu Kesheng. When Liu Kesheng realized that he was in danger, it was already too later. Even if he was a master at martial arts, it was futile in front of me. Could anyone dodge if they wanted to with my speed and power? Thus, the tea pot with boiling hot tea smashed onto Liu Kesheng’s head, instantly causing his head to bleed.

“You! You ******* dare to hit me!” Liu Kesheng did not understand why I was still so daring in front of Situ Liang!

“You what, you?” Guo Qing said impatiently. “I finally understood that some people were born to get beaten up! People that needs to get beaten would need to get beaten no matter the time!”

Hearing that, Situ Liang’s expression darkened. He waved his hand towards Zhang Niao and said, “****, we’ll kill the two of them today! Don’t let them walk out of this room!”

On the other hand, Situ Bo got a bit hesitant, Liu Kesheng is a ******, Situ Liang is all guts and no brain, but Situ Bo wasn’t like them, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to take control of the Situ family’s affairs from Situ Dashan completely.

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They say that if you don’t have the ability, then just don’t do it! He was sure that the other party is very clear about his position in Yanjing city. When the other party is still so unruly even knowing who he was, there was only two possibilities. The first is that the two of them were retards and got sick of living. The second is that they did have the right to act so cocky!

If they were retards, then whatever, but Yu Ruizhong wasn’t one. Yu Ruizhong was one of those people that could clearly recognize the situation, otherwise, he wouldn’t have laid low in the Daxing Gang. Therefore, there was only one possibility, it’s that these two people did have the strength to act cocky!

Situ Bo thought of the guess he had of the identity of the person in front of him again, and thus, he said very solemnly, “Excuse me, are you really Liu Kesheng’s classmate?”

“Oh, indeed!” Guo Qing said in an uncaring manner, then immediately said. “However, this person is currently the general manager of the development of the Three Rock Corporation in Asia!”

Situ Bo sucked in a breath of cold air. No wonder this person was so cocky! He truly was right, this person is the boss of the Three Rock Gang, Guo Qing!”

Although the Situ family’s influence was huge, but that was limited to Yanjing city. The Three Rock Gang had already become the largest entertainment company in Huaxia, and even had the possibility of uniting the entertainment industry in Asia. Getting into a grudge with them was truly not a wise decision. Thinking that, Situ Bo held out his hand friendlily and said, “Boss Guo, this lowly one is Situ Bo. I am the CEO of Yanjing city’s Daxing Development Corporation limited. The situation just now was purely a misunderstanding!”

However, Situ Liang didn’t understand. When he saw that his father actually taking the initiative to shake hands with a person around the same age as him, he was rather shocked. This was never seen before! However, then he thought, his father must be pretending so that him and Zhang Niao can go and kill the two of them.

Thus, Situ Liang waved his hands towards Zhang Niao and Liu Kesheng, causing the two of them to take out the knives they had prepared before rushing up.

At that moment, Situ Bo was just trying to say something to waive the misunderstanding away. He didn’t think that his son and two of his son’s lackey would actually rush up with knives, causing him to frown. However, then he thought, since the situation as already like this, they might as well deal with it for once and for all. After all, this is Yanjing city, it’s nothing even if they died, as long as they sealed the news well, nobody would know that them, the Daxing Gang did it!

Seeing that Situ Liang and Zhang Niao rushed over, I smiled. At the same time, Guo Qing also smiled.

Can three knives threaten us? That’s too hilarious!

I was unable to find an excuse to make a move before, now, I have an excuse as well.


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