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Chapter 89 – Difference in Strength

“This is the difference in strength. I only need 0.01 seconds if I wanted to demolish the Situ family. The only reason I didn’t is to see his attitude. If he’s smart, then he better not bother me,” I held Yu Ting’s soft body in my arms. At this moment, not only did Yu Ruizhong looked at me in shock, even Yu Ting was extremely surprised!

Although Yu Ting saw some of my miraculous powers before, the powers I just showed was already beyond her imaginations!

In the end, Yu Ruizhong is someone of the underworld, he clearly understood that power was everything. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stayed under the Situ family’s protections.

Seeing the flaming television and the cheque that had turned into ashes, he couldn’t help but get a bit afraid. Is Liu Lei still human?!

“Then I’ll go upstairs first. Put on your clothes first, you two. I’ll come back later and discuss about the matter between you and Xiao Ting,” Seeing my extreme prowess, Xu Ruizhong no longer worried about the Situ family.

“Okay, Yu-bofu!” I intentionally emphasized “Yu-bofu” in order to mock him.

When Yu Ruizhong left, Yu Ting finally dared to moan loudly once again…

“How can you speak like that to my dad!” Yu Ting said coquettishly as she lied in my arms.

“Hehe, I was just scaring him a bit. Just now, he even wanted to kill me!” I laughed.

“I don’t care, no matter what, he’s still my father. Don’t make him lose so much face later!” Yu Ting said in a coquettish manner.

“Okay, no matter what, I have to give my father-in-law face!” I patted Yu Ting’s smooth butt as said. “Get dressed, and let’s go and see your dad!”

“Yu-bofu!” This time, I nodded very politely towards Yu Ruizhong, completely without the dominating air I was putting on earlier.

“Ugh—— Please take a seat!” Yu Ruizhong seemed to be very unused to my hundred and eighty degrees change in attitude, but he is someone with a lot of experience, so he quickly returned to normal.

Meanwhile, I sat down on the sofa in the study, while Yu Ting leaned nicely on me.

“Situ Liang isn’t much, tell me about your enemies, let’s see if I can help?” I said very casually.

“The situation is actually like this…”

Originally, Yu Ting’s father was also an extremely powerful person in Songjiang city back then, but there was another force that was equal to or even more powerful than him at the time. Through a coincidence, Yu Ruizhong found out that it was actually the leader of this force was actually the person who murdered his wife, thus, he found a chance to kill this leader.

What he didn’t expect was that this force was actually just a small branch of a huge gang, the Flying Tiger Gang, of Songjiang province! Furthermore, the new leader sent by the headquarters naturally had to take revenge for the original one. Yu Ruizhong never thought that he would get himself into such a mess, originally he thought that he could take control of the entire underworld in Songjiang city, yet he found out that he only killed the person responsible for the branch!

Although Yu Ruizhong’s force was very amazing in Songjiang city, it was unable to be compared to a provincial gang. When the other side sent out an underworld wanted poster, Yu Ruizhong couldn’t help but ran away to Yanjing city with Yu Ting and seek refuge at the Situ family through connections.

Originally, he had wanted to use the Situ family’s influence, and if he manages to develop well, they could slaughter their way back there and destroy the Flying Tiger Gang. However, he had caught wind of a news that made him very speechless. The original Flying Tiger Gang actually submitted to a gang called the Three Rock Gang. How could Yu Ruizhong not know what the Three Rock Gang is like, it was an international mob, even if the Situ family use their entire force to fight against them, they might not even win.

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Without any other choice, Yu Ruizhong thought of marrying Yu Ting into the Situ family to get rid of his worries.

Hearing that, I instantly found it funny. Three Rock Gang? Isn’t my family business just dealt with using a single sentence!

“What was the leader of the original Flying Tiger Gang called?” I asked.

“Zhang Huanghe,” said Yu Ruizhong. “You’re going to help me kill him?” From Yu Ruizhong’s perspective, my strength was truly inhumane, making it so that killing anyone was easy.

“Kill him for what!” I shrugged. “Some things can be dealt with completely without the need of killing anyone! Alright, I’ll help you deal with it, just treat it as a gift for our first meeting, father-in-law!”

Hearing me say that, Yu Ting immediately dipped her head in embarrassment.

“Lend me the phone for a moment!” I said.

Yu Ruizhong didn’t know what I was going to do, but he still pushed the phone on his desk in front of me.

I thought about it, then directly pressed down on the speaker mode. In order to let Yu Ruizhong completely get rid of the worry in his heart, I had to shock him a bit. Actually, I did have some selfish intents, I wanted to see just how amazing the hubby his daughter found is!

“Hello, this is the office of the general manager of the Three Rock Corporation!” A sweat voice rang out from the phone.

“I want to find Ding Baosan!” I said into the phone.

“What are you finding Director Ding for?” The other side asked.

“Tell him I’m Liu Lei, he’ll understand,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll help you contact Director Ding,” said the other side. What followed after that was a long wait.

Yu Ruizhong was speechless, he knew very clearly who Ding Baosan was. Last time, the spokesperson for the Three Rock Gang on the mobster news on the internet had already announced that the original person responsible for the Three Rock Gang, Guo Qing, had already gone over to Hong Kong to expand in South East Asia, and that all business within the country will be handled by Ding Baosan. This means that the boss of the Three Rock Gang within the country was Ding Baosan.

“Chief!” After a while, Ding Baosan’s respectful voice sounded out from the phone.

“Why are you, brat, so slow? Don’t you know that when Liu Lei is very angry, the consequences are severe?” I laughed.

“Boss, I have to take care of the Three Rock Corporation’s business know. I was in a meeting just now, hearing that you were looking for me, I immediately ran over!” Ding Baosan said in a troubled manner.

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“Alright now, I was just messing with you! Help me check if there is a person called Zhang Huanghe in the gang?” I said. “Call me back after you find out!”

“Okay, I’ll do it immediately!” said Ding Baosan.

When I hung up, Yu Ruizhong was nearly petrified! The boss of the Three Rock Gang actually called the person in front of him “Chief”! And it seems like he was very respected! Just what is the identity of the person in front of him?

I looked at Yu Ruizhong who was completely shocked and laughed, “Do you find it realy weird? Actually, I am the owner of the Three Rock Gang behind the scenes!”

“What!” Although Yu Ruizhong had guessed this a while ago, hearing me say that, he was still very shocked.

“What you see is only the tip of the iceberg!” I said as if I didn’t care. “I’m enough to take care of the Situ family!”

The Three Rock Gang is only the tip of the iceberg?! Yu Ruizhong nearly have the impulsion to commit suicide, is the person in front of him still human? He really didn’t know how his daughter got with him, it seems like he really didn’t bring up his daughter for nothing since she actually found such an amazing person!

Not long later, Ding Baosan returned the call and told me that he found Zhang Huanghe. Currently, he is the boss of the Three Rock Gang in another city of Songjiang province.

Thus, I told Yu Ting and Yu Ruizhong’s situation to him in a simplified manner. Ding Baosan promised to immediately deal with it. Very soon afterwards, Ding Baosan told Zhang Huanghe the situation, hearing that Yu Ting is the girlfriend of the most important leader in the Three Rock Gang, how would Zhang Huanghe dare to go and cause trouble!


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