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Chapter 9 – We’ll leave it if you kneel

“****, you want to die right, you actually dare to fight over a urinal with Shen-ge, do you believe that I will ******* throw you into the urinal!” One of the purple-haired pointed at Chu Gao and swore.

“What’s wrong with telling him to get in line? So those who dyed their hair don’t need to queue up!” Chu Gao straightened his neck and said.

“Brat, you don’t want to live right, I’m telling you, no one dares to speak to me like that in this area! Even if there were, he already disappeared!” At this moment, a fat-*** with a watermelon hair walked out from the toilet while fixing his pants.

“Shen-ge!” The peacock haired teens said respectfully.

“Haha! So what if I speak like this?” Under the influence of alcohol, Chu Gao said without any restraint.

“Brat, you don’t know how to spell death, right? I’m telling you, our Shen-ge is the big boss around here, even the police chief of the police station around here has to call him Shen-ge!” The purple-haired exaggerated, he actually didn’t know any police chief, it’s just that this seemed to give him more face.

“If you’re that awesome, then kill me! Aren’t you annoyed about blabbering so much!” Chu Gao said impatiently.

“I’m telling you, little *******, killing you is like messing around for me!” Shen-ge said. “However, if you kowtow three times here and give a thousand kuai for us brothers to drink, then we’ll leave it, otherwise I’ll make you disappear from the face of this earth!”

“****, do you think it’s Star Wars? Disappear my ***!” Chu Gao said without paying it any heed.

“Alright, since it’s like that, don’t blame us brothers for being merciless! ***! Play around with him!” Shen-ge said to purple-haired. (*** is the purple haired)

“Alright!” the purple-haired answered, then walked towards Chu Gao.

“Brat, you actually don’t take face when given it, then don’t blame me for being merciless! You still have time to regret it now, or else, once I make a move, you lost your chance, each punch of mine will cause you to bleed, if you’re scared then hurry up and give us the money, and I’ll pretend nothing happened…” Just as the purple-haired was getting excited from all the talking, a surprise happened.

Seeing that the guy was blabbering on and on, Chu Gao got extremely impatient, and slapped, hitting the purple-haired right on his face, instantly causing a handprint to appear on the pruple-haired face.

At the time, the purple-haired was busy thinking, and still had a bunch of stuff he didn’t say, he never would have thought that the other party would make a move immediately without any signs beforehand, and thus he nearly went dumb. Only after a long while, did he finally react, and said angrily while pointing to Chu Gao, “You dare to hit me, I’ll kill you!” With that, he rushed over and kicked.

Although Chu Gao was drunk, he was still very agile, thus, seeing the purple-hair’s kick, he quickly dodged to the side and punched, colliding coincidentally with the purple-hair’s nose. With a clear snack, the purple-hair’s nose snapped, instantly causing blood to flow.

“Haha, it’s my blows that sees blood every single time!” Chu Gao laughed.

“Everyone, go, murder this brat today, beat him where it hurts! If anything happened, then I’ll take responsibility of it!” Seeign that the purple haired got beaten, Shen-ge also got angry.

The peacock haired people already got impatient after seeing the purple haired get beaten, and now that they heard Shen-ge’s orders, they immediately rushed up.

If it was one on one, Chu Gao, who had studied two years of sanda and was the captain of his high school basketball team, wouldn’t be scared of them at all, although these delinquents had group fights normally and were very fierce, they never had professional training. All they relied on was their fierceness, so they wouldn’t be able to beat Chu Gao. However, two fists would find it difficult to beat four hands, not to mention that it’s so many hands, Chu Gao couldn’t deal with it at all.

“If you dare, then one on one!” Chu Gao roared.

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“One on one? Did I hear it right?” Shen-ge said. “Is there something wrong with your brain? Solo? If we solo, then we aren’t mobs! We just group fight, and bully those low in numbers, haha!”

“Shameless!’ Chu Gao pointed at Shen-ge and swore. “if it was solo, I’ll beat two of you at once!”

“So what even if you can beat three of us? Don’t waste your breath, everyone, go, beat him into an alien!” Shen-ge yelled.

As I expected, Chu Gao felt a bit troubled when the rascals all went up at once, he gradually got a bigger and bigger disadvantage as he got hit quite a few times.

“Let’s go!” Seeing that Chu Gao couldn’t handle himself, Ouyang Tianqi immediately said to us.

Ouyang Tianqi clearly wasn’t any kind of nice guy, he immediately grabbed a delinquent when he approached them, and started beating the brat’s head. That fellow’s head instantly turned into that of a pig’s as he wobbled and fell onto the floor.

Huang Wenjing wasn’t any nicer, he directly elbowed the back of a delinquent, causing that delinquent to squeal then fall down.

Seeing that everyone started fighting, I rushed up as well. Just at that moment, I saw the fat-***, Shen-ge, dancing around, and thus directly kicked his *** crack. In order to not shock the world, I limited the strength of the kick to very little, but Shen-ge still flew out.

Shen-ge flew out with a “sou” sound like a rocket, and hit his head on the ceiling, causing him to faint. Right before he fainted, he painfully covered his crotch. Even if this fellow wakes up, he’ll probably get **** leakage.

“Fierce dude!” Huang Wenjing looked at me in surprise.

Ouyang Tianqi had an expression full of shock as he thought to himself, this fellow’s leg power was too great, right? Is he still human, even him, who has practiced martial arts cannot guarantee that he will send a person flying with a kick.

On the other side, Chu Gao stopped and looked over.

I was also shocked myself, ****, I already use the least strength possible, how did I still send him flying? I didn’t use any mental powers, and the strength was less than ten percent.

“Hehe, don’t look at me like this, I used to play football, and was a striker! So, my leg strength is rather strong!” I chuckled dryly as I made up an excuse.

After Ouyang Tianqi and co. heard that, they calmed down a little, since my explanation was very logical! People that play football would often have great leg strength, a lot of professional footballers can break bricks or wooden planks with a kick.

The delinquents complained silently, they never would have thought that the other party was so amazing, seeing that their boss was actually sent flying with a kick, they got even more shocked. Thus, they lost all intentions of fighting and tried to escape with their boss, who they didn’t know was alive or dead.

“Wait! Did I say you can go?” I yelled.

The purple-haired one shuddered, then immediately stood on stop and stopped moving, since this person in front of him was too insane, able to send a person flying with a kick. If he (the purple-haired) got kicked, wouldn’t he be done for!

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“What… what else… is it?” The purple-haired one was even stuttering.

“You’re going and leaving as you please, do you think you have a pass?” I said calmly. “How about this, I won’t trouble you, a few of you still have the ability to move, all of you kneel down and give us ten kowtows, then take out a thousand kuai to treat us brothers to beer, then we’ll just leave it at that!”


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