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Chapter 8 – Drinking

Huang Wenjing knows Oouyang Tianqi from before, so he didn’t make a comment. I didn’t have any issues with it either, I also wanted to take the chance to get into a good relationship with the bros in the room, since we have to live together for four years. I couldn’t get in a group with the brothers in my room in my previous life, that was a regretful matter, and now, how could I like it happen again! It’s just that I promised to treat Chen Weier, so it looks like I could only trouble the chick.

Thus, dinner was set. After I called Chen Weier to tell her about this, Chen Weier was very understanding, and didn’t get unhappy. Since the student council had done a day of hard work, they also organized a meal together at night.

There were a lot of small restaurants that weren’t too big, but were very good value, this was something which had left a deep impression on me in my previous life. The canteen in school could never be as delicious as these small restaurants, I think anyone that has went to university understood this clearly.

“Waiter, give us ten bottles of beer!” Ouyang Tianqi said to the waiter after ordering the dishes.

“Don’t tell me you don’t drink! In this era, what sort of university student doesn’t drink!” After the waiter left, Ouyang Tianqi said to us.

“Hey! Big bro, even if you didn’t say it, we would drink till we’re drink!” Chu Gao said. “Speaking of drinking, don’t just look at how I’m skinny, I might not be worse than you guys!”

“Is that so? Then we have to see who falls down first!” Huang Wenjing also said, unwilling to get left behind. This guy was clearly an alcoholic.

There wasn’t even a need to mention me! My alcohol tolerance was amazing already, I managed to get someone like Fatty Wu drunk, what’s more is that my body has now been altered by my super powers, and so had no reaction to alcohol at all.

“Since everybody can drink so much… Waiter, give us a box!” I waved my hand and said. “Let us brothers drink from the box!”

“Ah?” The three people looked at me with their eyes and mouth wide open, only after a while did Ouyang Tianqi finally speak, “Huang Wenjing, you weren’t wrong, this brat definitely is a fierce dude! Even I, the big bro of the dorm submits, I have to call you boss from now on! ****, I only found out today that there isn’t the most amazing, only more amazing!”

“Come, cheers!” After the beer came, Ouyang Tianqi raised his glass first, since he is the one treating, so the first toast should be by him.

“Sure! Cheers!” I also raised my glass and said along with Chu Gao and Huang Wenjing.

Following that, everyone changed their glass to mugs, instantly downing half a box of beer! It looks like these fellows all preserved their strength!

“Big bro Ouyang! I heard that our Huaxia University is someone with beauties, so much better than Beichen University! Is that true?” After a few bottles of beer, Chu Gao started getting tipsy, causing him to speak more.

“En… I saw a few when I was reporting in, I just don’t know if they have a guy yet!” Discussing about beauties was an eternal topic by men. That’s why Ouyang Tianqi was also very happy to talk about this.

“Haha! Big bro, when are you going to get a saozi for us, in order to set an example!” Huang Wenjing said.

“Ah! Don’t mention it, this type of fierce and cool dude like your Ouyang-dage, I, is not popular with girls, the girls now all like those handsome one with brains… Oh yeah, just like laosan!” Ouyang Tianqi pointed at me and said.

“Hehe, Ouyang-dage, since you can get into Huaxia, it means you do have brains, what’s more, they’ll only feel safe if you are a tall and muscular!” I smiled.

“Ha! I think so too!” Hearing me say that, Ouyang Tianqi was also very happy, since anyone would like to hear praises.

“Ouyang-dage, tell us what your ideal girl is like?” Chu Gao drank another mug, then said blurrily.

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“Hmm, my idea girl doesn’t have to be very pretty, but she must be gentle, and not too sexy, your old bro, I, can’t control those women! It would be best if she was a bit more petite!” Ouyang Tianqi was a bit tipsy, and started speaking without restraint.

“So, you like those humble and cute types!” I said. I really couldn’t tell, someone of Ouyang Tianqi’s size actually liked those timid and lovable girls.

“Hehe, you can say that!” Ouyang Tianqi nodded.

Since we were all young men, we all got rather into it when we talked about sensitive topics, on the other hand, I just answered them perfunctorily. Since the three of them were all virgins, the topic naturally turned to having sex with women.

“Ouyang-dage, have you had a girlfriend before?” Chu Gao asked.

“No, my family’s really strict! To be honest, I never even had a first love, it’s so depressing!” Ouyang Tianwi said.

“Ha, and I thought I was the only virgin here!” Chu Gao smiled after hearing that.

“Me too!” Huang Wenjing said, “****, I definitely have to end my virgin life in university and get an amazing relationship!”

“Oh yeah, laosan, what about you?” Ouyang Tianqi suddenly thought of me, who didn’t speak.

“I… About this, I also plan to get a girlfriend in university…” I chuckled.

“Okay, let’s see gets a girlfriend first… Oh yeah, how about doing some sort of joint event with a girl’s dormitory?” Huang Wenjing planned.

“Big bro, I’m going to the bathroom!” Chu Gao said a bit blurrily, this fellow was clearly drunk, and was prepared to let some water out before coming back to fight on.

“En, be careful, do you need me to support you?” Ouyang Tianqi was still considered awake.

“No need, it’s no big deal!” Said Chu Gao as he walked out of the room door.

No one paid it any heed as we continued to drink.

“What did the brat Chu Gao go and do? He can’t have fallen into the toiler right?” Huang Wenjing looked at his watch and said strangely. “It’s already been twenty minutes, he shouldn’t take that long even if he was going for number two!

“That’s true!” Ouyang Tianqi said. “Huang Wenjing, go and have a look, the brat’s drunk, I hope nothing happened!”

Huang Wenjing nodded, then left the room.

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Not long later, Huang Wenjing returned and said frantically, “Big bro, this is bad! Chu Gao is arguing with a group of people and they are starting each other down at the toiler entrance!”

“What?!” Ouyang Tianqi immediately thought it bad after hearing that, the brat Chu Gao definitely got drunk, and might get screwed over, thus he said. “Go, Huang Wenjing, let’s go and see! Laosan, wait here for us!”

“You definitely have to bring me along for a fight!” With that, I also stood up.

Ouyang Tianqi momentarily blanked, then chuckled, “I didn’t think that laosan would be a fighter! I thought you were just good at studying!”

“You and Huang Wenjing are both going, could I not go!” I said.

“Don’t just look at his name, the brat, Huang Wenjing, has actually started going out to fight with me since middle school!” Ouyang Tianqi laughed.

With that, we arrived near the bathroom, and saw that Chu Gao was surrounded by a few peacock-haired teenagers.


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