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Chapter 10 – Child of a Renowned Family

“**** you, don’t get too over the line!” The purple-haired one immediately said angrily, “Isn’t it just that you’re good at fighting? So what! I’m telling you, we are of the Daxing Gang!”

“The hell is Daxing Gang?” I asked in confusion, there really are so many random gangs.

“You want to die right, Daxing Gang is the largest gang in Yanjing city. Brat, you are obviously not from here, let me tell you, nothing good will come from opposing us!” The purple-haired one started blabbering on again.

“**** you!” Ouyang Tianqi didn’t care, he already got really impatient after hearing the purple-hair blabber on, thus he just went up gave kicked him. Then he said, “Are you going to kowtow or not?”

Seeing that these people have not heard of Daxing Gang, he thought that these people were just retards from the outside that have never seen society, there was no helping it, he could only take the disadvantage right now. How was he supposed to know that any random person from Ouyang Tianqi’s family could destroy him. That’s not even mentioning me who still have not feared any mobs till now.

The purple haired could do nothing, but tell the unhurt delinquents to give ten kowtows each. Then he threw a stack of money in front of me, and said to us with a hateful gaze, ‘We’ll see!!”

When Chu Gao cleared up, he immediately started getting scared. The three of us weren’t locals, so we have never heard of Daxing Gang, yet, as a local, Chu Gao couldn’t possibly not know. Due to the influence of alcohol the previous night and the fact that he didn’t know that those people were from Daxing Gang, he got into conflict with them. When he heard that purple-haired dude said they were people from Daxing Gang, he immediately cleared up a lot! Daxing Gang was one of the largest underworld power in Yanjing, apparently, there was a renowned family funding it from behind, making it really powerful.

“Big bro, say, do you think they’ll take revenge on us?” Chu Gao completely cleared up when we got back to the dorm.

“Take revenge? Take it if they want,” Ouyang Tianqi said as if he didn’t care at all.

Big bro, Daxing Gang is a local gang, and is very powerful!” Chu Gao said worriedly.

“Scared your ***, where did your daringness from just now go!” Ouyang Tianqi said.

“Just now… Didn’t I drink!” Chu Gao said awkwardly.

“It’s fine, it’s better if they come, worst come to worst, we’ll beat them up again!” Huang Wenjing said.

“Yeah, aren’t they just mobs,” I also added.

“…” Chu Gao really didn’t know what to say as he looked at his three roommates who didn’t care. He didn’t actually know if they were fearless due to having no power, or because they didn’t understand how powerful Daxing Gang was around here.

Chu Gao also gradually calmed down after getting comforted by everyone, thinking that he is just a student and doesn’t go out all that much, he figured that the Daxing Gang wouldn’t find himself so easily and once a while has passed, they will leave it.

However, Daxing Gang didn’t plan to let it go so easily, the White Dragon Hall master, Li Daolong, of Daxing Gang arrived at the hospital and said angrily when he saw Shen-ge, who was on the brink of death, “Did you find out who exactly is the other party?”

“No, they are all foreign faces, they don’t seem like people of the underworld, two of them don’t sound local!” The purple-haired one said.

“Oh? Outsiders? The rest are locals?” Li Daolong said.

“They seem to be!” The purple-haired nodded. Since I worked in Yangjing city for a long time in my previous life, once I arrived he, my tons naturally regained the accent.

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“Find them first! Don’t easily make a move after finding them, find out their background!” Li Daolong ordered. Since he was able to become a hall master of a gang, LI Daolong naturally was slightly intelligent, and knew that all sorts of people were in Yanjing city, if they had any powerful background, and they easily made a move, they (Daxing Gang) might get screwed overs. The outsiders weren’t scary, the most important was the locals.

Li Dalong was also thinking a lot more. Since the evil name of Daxing Gang was already very famous in Yanjing city, causing there to be no one dumb enough to just challenge them, yet these people still didn’t care after knowing that his people were from Daxing Gang, they must be fearless. In these years, Daxing Gang has always been supported by the funding from the Situ family, thus letting them pretty much take control of the entire underworld after taking over a lot of small gangs. This must have invoked the envy of the other renowned families, so Li Dalong was also afraid that the people that caused trouble today were linked with the other renowned families.

Another possibility were that they were the children of officials, but these people would often be followed by a lot of bodyguards, and would rarely make a move themselves, so the possibility could pretty much be eliminated.

I, who was sleeping soundly at the time, didn’t know that someone had already started investigating about us, otherwise I might have felt a bit of shame that another gang would disappear.

The morning of early spring was rather cool with the fresh wind. I don’t know when I developed the habit of rising early. Although my current body needs no training anymore, I still continued to run for a round every morning. Sometimes, people needs some hobbies, it was the same with habits. Morning runs was a habit I developed in university during my previous life.

“Laosan!” A voice called out from behind me, I turned around to look, and saw that it was the big bro of the room, Ouyang Tianqi.

“Ouyang-xiong? You also have habit of morning training?” I stopped my steps and waited for Ouyang Tianqi to catch up.

“Haha, yeah, it’s been many years! My family forced me to go for morning runs since a young age, at the start, I was unwilling since I was young, however, it became a habit, and now, if I don’t run for a day, I feel uncomfortable!” Ouyang Tianqi said. Ouyang Tianqi didn’t think that he would meet his roommate while running in the morning, he had thought that he (Liu Lei) went to the toilet when he (Ouyang Tianqi) saw that he wasn’t there. He never would have imagined that Liu Lei actually came for a morning run. Seeing that his roommate had the same habit as him, Ouyang TIanqi was very happy, it was a good chance to decrease the distance between them.

“Let’s go and eat some breakfast,” I looked at my watch, it was about time, today was the first day of school, the news students had to go for military training.

“Sure!” Ouyang Tianqi agreed as we walked towards the canteen.

“Laosan, you’re really fit! You didn’t sweat at all after running for so long,” Ouyang Tianqi looked at my forehead and praised.

“Hehe, didn’t I say it before, I was originally in the school football team, and was a striker, so I naturally trained my body. Also, you aren’t bad either!” I smiled.

“As for me, laosan, I won’t hide it from you, the people in our family has been forced by our elders to practice martial arts… Hehe, it might sound unbelievable to you, but our family is truly an ancient renowned family…”


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