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Chapter 88 – I’ll deal with it

“Hmm, you’re still on it! I just looked at that flick since I wanted to learn a bit!” Yu Ting wiggled her body, causing my body that just calmed down to have some sort of thought once again.

“No, it hurts!” Seeing me like that, of course Yu Ting knew what I was thinking. Thus, she grabbed me tightly so I can’t move.

I smiled lightly, and sent a slither of mental power over, quickly healing the injuries on Yu Ting’s body.

“What are you doing!” Originally, Yu Ting was annoyed that I didn’t spoil her, and was going to forcefully do those kinds of stuff with her, however, she then noticed that her body surprisingly didn’t feel any discomfort. The pain that was in her body was completely gone. So, she couldn’t help but ask strangely, “Oh? Why doesn’t it hurt anymore?”

“Now you know my powers, right. Situ Liang better let you go, otherwise, I would give him a fate worse than death,” I said calmly.

Just as Yu Ting and I got into it, the sound of a key opening the door suddenly sounded out outside the room. I quickly grabbed the sofa cover of another sofa to use as a blanket to cover us. However, it was already too late for me to turn off the television, since the door to the apartment was already opened from the outside.

A middle-aged man walked in. It was Yu Ting’s father, Yu Ruizhong, who was once the underworld boss of Songjiang city, someone I had seen once on a photograph before.

Seeing that Japanese AV was being played on the living room’s television, Yu Ruizhong was really confused, but when he saw Yu Ting and I on the sofa, he immediately understood what was going on. His entire face became twisted as he roared furiously, “So you were actually hiding at home doing this sort of stuff, when you didn’t attend the Situ family head’s birthday banquet! I had assumed how good my daughter was. I didn’t think that you actually could also do this sort of shameless thing!”

As a person of the underworld, Yu Ruizhong was not foreign to girls Yu Ting’s age having affairs outside, but he couldn’t quite stand it happening on his own daughter. He never would have thought that his own daughter would be like those girls and act so shamelessly.

“Dad, I didn’t…” Yu Ting defended. “He’s my boyfriend!”

“Boyfriend? Hmmph! Then what is Situ Liang? You can’t be telling me that you have two boyfriends, right?” Yu Ruizhong roared.

“Situ Liang… I don’t like him at all!” If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t care about him at all!” Yu Ting didn’t know why, but she felt like she wasn’t afraid of anything as she lied in this person’s arms. Even if the sky fell down, someone would hold it up for her, despite not knowing what other powers I had aside from my supernatural powers.

“You!” Yu Ruizhong got extremely angry as he ran over, wanting to pull me up for the sofa. However, when he thought that his daughter will also get exposed if he did that, he could only furiously sit on the sofa on the other side and say, “Does Situ Liang know about this?”

“He… knows!” Yu Ting lied.

“What? Hmmph, you really are not considering the consequences, not only will the brat beside you die, even we will get screwed together! Even if Situ Liang let’s us go, once we lose the Situ family’s protection, our enemies will immediately come!” Yu Ruizhong pointed to Yu Ting and scolded.

“Are you that afraid of the enemies coming for revenge? Are you willing to destroy your daughter’s lifetime happiness because of this?” Yu Ting couldn’t help but yell out.

“I…! Isn’t it just for you! I helped your mom get revenge, I don’t have left in the world, I should have gone down to be with her ages ago. However, I’m just worried about you! If I die, would those enemies let you go? The reason I’m getting you to marry Situ Liang is for your own good. This way, your life in the future will be successful!” Yu Ruizhong shook his head and said.

“For my good? You call telling me to be a mistress for Situ Liang being good for me?” Yu Ting chocked.

“About this… The upper class is like this. What’s more, there’s nothing wrong with you marrying him, although you are the mistress in name, I can tell that Situ Liang likes you a lot and doesn’t actually care much about that Liu girl that he has an infant engagement with,” Yu Ruizhong explained/

“That’s no good either, I don’t like him at all! I rather die than be with him!” Yu Ting held me close and said. “The person I like is him! Dad, just don’t force me!”

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“Hmmph! This is my last time warning you, don’t treat what I say as a joke! You better leave this brat, otherwise, I will cause him to disappear off this world!” Yu Ruizhong said with a sullen face. Then he looked at me threateningly, “Brat, you don’t know who I am, right? I’m telling you, you better leave my daughter. You have two options, the first is you leaving her, after which I can give you some money. The other is that you stay here, but what awaits you is death!”

With that, Yu Ruizhong took out a cheque, then scribbled something on it before handing it to me. I glanced over the number on the cheuqe, five hundred thousand.

“No! Dad, either you kill me with him, otherwise, I definitely will not leave him!” Yu Ting also gave up, she completely forgot that she was just advising me to leave her earlier.

I patted Yu Ting and said quietly to her, “Alright, don’t get so worked up. I’ll handle it!”

Yu Ting answered softly, then laid down in my embrace.

“Yu-bofu, you don’t mind me calling you this, right?” I held Yu Ting in my embrace, and straightened myself. Yu Ting subconsciously let out a seductive moan.

Yu Ruizhong naturally understood what was going on after seeing it. Thus, he said angrily, “Don’t call me Yu-bofu, I have no relationship with you!”

“Haha!” I laughed coldly, “Alright, then I’ll tell you. Yu Ruizhong, are you still a good father? Are you a man? You are actually pushing your own daughter into the fire pit! I’m telling you, don’t talk about fifty thousand, I will not let Yu Ting go even if it’s five million!”

To be honest, five million is just like a speck of dust in the universe for me.

“Oh really? Five million, just which family’s young master are you? But that doesn’t work with me, I will still kill you,” Yu Ruizhong snorted.

“You can’t kill me, don’t talk about you. Even that Situ family is nothing in my eyes!” I said faintly. “This check is very annoying in front of my eyes!”

When I said that, I activated the mental energy in my body, causing the cheque to instantly burn.

Yu Ruizhong looked at everything that happened in front of his eyes in a dumbfound manner. Only when the fire reached his hands did he came back to himself and point at me in shock.

Heh, he actually got so shocked with a little trick like that. So, I decided to pressure him some more. I casually waved my hand, and as a wind blew out on my palm, the LCD television, that was playing AV, was cut neatly in half, and started letting out sparks after several seconds.


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