Chapter 87 – I was just pretending

I faint, so she was watching TV to learn…

“What… You can’t not want me anymore, right…” Yu Ting wasn’t stupid. Seeing that I said that, she knew that I misunderstood. When she saw that I showed a helpless expression after knowing it was her first time, instead of getting happy, she thought that I just wanted to play around with her, and instantly chocked.

“No!” I quickly denied it. How could I not tell what she was thinking? Thus, I quickly said, “It’s not what you think. Yu Ting, listen to me, I really like you, my heart hurt a lot after knowing that you were with Situ Liang, but I was afraid that you wouldn’t accept me, so I became very conflicted. Actually, I do have a girlfriend…”

Hearing me say that, Yu Ting instantly let out a sigh of relief. Her expression also brightened up a lot. Yu Ting sighed slowly and said, “I already know that you have a girlfriend. You have been pursuing a girl called Zhao Yanyan so publicly, the entire school pretty much all know about it!

But, even knowing that, I still can’t stop myself from liking you. Liu Lei, did you know, ever since middle school, from that night onwards, I already fell for you helplessly. Then, I changed my environment, there were very many excellent boys that pursued me, but I couldn’t help but compare them to you, and discovered that, in my heart, you are still the most excellent. Then, I grew older, I finally knew, I had helplessly fallen in love with you, especially when I met you at the entrance of Huaxia University, do you know how excited I was! But you never contacted me afterwards…”

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“I…” I was busy with Zhao Yanyan’s matters then, so I nearly forgot about her. I really didn’t know that this chick actually missed me so much.

“Listen to me…” Yu Ting interrupted me and continued. “But I know I can’t be with you, but I don’t want to leave any regrets in my life. I don’t want to regret it in the future, so I wanted to give myself to you!”

Hearing that, I felt a sense of sourness in my heart. I lightly caressed Yu Ting’s cheeks and said, “Why can’t we? Is it because I have a girlfriend?”

Yu Ting shook her head and said, “No, it’s not because of that… Alright, let’s not talk about these unhappy matters. Let’s hurry up and do what we should do! I didn’t go and attend Situ Liang’s grandpa’s birthday banquet, so my dad will definitely come back and scold me later. You don’t want him to interrupt us having an affair, right!” With that, Yu Ting smiled, as wrapped her around my body. She leaned forward and kissed me once again.

At that moment, I had already decided to take Yu Ting as my wifey. No matter what troubles she faces, I will deal with them. Just who am I afraid of with my current ability. Laozi has a mercenary band and military factory on earth, and laozi even have alien technology in space! Even if these aren’t very powerful, laozi has connections in the underworld, the little bro of Yama isn’t a thing that just anyone can become!

“Leave Situ Liang!” I found that I had truly fallen for her.

“Ai!” Yu Ting sighed, then said slowly. “There are some things that you don’t know. What’s more, you already have a girlfriend, so don’t waste any more time on me. Since you already got me, it’s enough that I know that you have me in your heart!”

“Yu Ting, do you think that I’m that kind of irresponsible man? Do you think I’ll stand idle?” I said with a worked-up tone. ****, my rule in life is that I have to take all responsibilities since I ****** her.

“Okay, then I’ll tell all I know to you. I think that you’ll give up after hearing it!” Yu Ting hesitated and said. “ Situ Liang is my fiancé, this engagement is decided by the Situ family’s family head, Situ Dashan, and my father. However, I’m not Situ Liang’s legal wife, I’m the second, the mistress. Do you understand?” Yu Ting said in self mockery.

I naturally knew what was going on. In Huaxia, these ancient families completely ignored the marriage laws and still used the traditions from the old society. Furthermore, in the upper class of the society, people with power getting a second wife is no secret.

“This is the new age, the law clearly states that love should be free. So you are just going to do whatever your family decides?” I was a bit angry with what Yu Ting said.

“The law? The law is nothing in their eyes, what’s more, they didn’t break the law outright!” Yu Ting shook her head and said. “The Situ family is very influential, we are unable to resist them! Did you know that the Situ family controls the entirety of Yanjing city’s underworld forces! If I dare to break the promise, they definitely won’t let you go!”

“It isn’t certain who wouldn’t let who go!” Although the Situ family wasn’t weak, but if I really wanted to make a move on them, they would only be screwed.

Since ancient times, war was rarely far, the difference between power was always key in deciding the results of the war. No matter how amazing you are, you will die when you take a knife to fight against a gun.

That’s the situation between the Situ family and I. Yama and alien technology have my back, if we truly fight, this was a one-sided conquest.

“Liu Lei, stop talking, you don’t understand the Situ family’s strength at all. They know martial techniques! Situ Liang’s level is just that of a small fry, they have a lot more masters in the family. You couldn’t even beat Situ Liang, how are you going to oppose the entire Situ family!” Yu Ting thought about it, then still decided to say it. Although it would hurt my pride, it was better than me losing my life!

“He’s nothing in my eyes. I was just messing around with him,” I said plainly. Then retracted the energy that was used to maintain the injuries on my face.

Yu Ting was a bit confused after hearing me say that. Then when she suddenly saw the injuries on my face disappear, she pointed at me in shock and exclaimed, “Liu Lei, your face…”

“Hehe, do you understand now? I was just pretending!” I laughed.

“Ah!” Seeing my mysterious powers, Yu Ting was surprised and happy. However, she immediately said with an angry expression. “So you lied to me on purpose, then came to my home…” Saying that, Yu Ting also felt that her face was beginning to heat up.

“You seemed to have taken the initiative just now, right…” I scratched my head and said. “You can’t blame me, right?”


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